How to earn money by promoting new projects

By Mr. Smart | Crypto Fever | 25 Mar 2021


This article is not about any tutorials or guides . In this article i will give you a short and easy method to earn some crypto online. Note : If you are thinking that you will get money without doing anything with this method then you are thinking wrong .You will have to complete serveral task for each task you will be paid a goo amount of crypto  and aslo you have to follow all the rules simultaneously in case you did something that violatest the rules you will be banned from it without any further notice.

Lets start 

How to join this:

For joining this you have to join these below telegram group and channels   and say hi the owner will contact you and guide you through it.

How much can i earn

You can earn a minimum of 5 TRX or 0.306 $ and maximum you can earn 100 trx per task . After you have done the task you will be instantly paid through cctip bot which you can withdraw by linking your telegram account to .

What type of task you have to do

You will get the following types of task:

  • To follow someone on youtube, twitch, twitter, e.t.c
  • To join a new project (Here project means some newly launched crypto sites that we want to test and promote)


Note : You can also do tasks in case you want to promote a project or share you referal link to get some referals

Rules of the group :

You must have to follow these rules :

  • Must be friendly with others
  • Must not beg for money
  • Must not create fake accounts and join the group in case we found that you are using fake accounts you will be banned for always from the group
  • You will not be paid if you give false submissions


Also after you join group write there "Hi i came from arvind".Thats it thanks for reading

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