Complete Guide: How to make own crypto token based on bch network

By Mr. Smart | Crypto Fever | 27 Mar 2021


In this tutorial you will get to know  how to  make your own crypto token based own bch network also known as SLP token . Below are the topics we will cover in this video.

  • How to create your token
  • How to list it on a popular bot called cc tip by adding liquidity which you can use on discord, twitter as well as in telegram

Requirements for this tutorial is given below

  • Some Bch in  your wallet not a huge amount you must have atleast 0.5$ worth bch
  • A computer so more your easiness
  • An logo for your token

Making a crypto token is as simple and straightforward an operation as sending money to your bank account. The best part about this feature is that it only takes 10-15 minutes but in some cases due to network congestion it may even take more than that

How to create your token

Step 1 - Go to if you already have a bch wallet account login it in using private keys or memonic phrase else create a new wallet in it .

Step 2 - Fund your bch address with at least 0.5$ worth bch.

Step 3 - Click on create on the left sidebar.


Step 4 - Fill up all the required details and supply of token you want also if you want a custom logo insert it . After everything is filled press "Create Token" Button and your token will be successfully created now you have to wait for the transaction to confirm (around 10 minutes).

Step 5 - Go and check your bch wallet you must have the token that you just created 


How to list your token in  cctip

Step 1 - Visit and log in with your Twitter/Telegram/Reddit account


Step 2 - After logging in click on the token type from the given list in our case it is slp so choose that and continue

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Step 3 - It will ask you details of the token like its id and your email address . Enter your email and your token id which you can get by going to the token in your wallet.

Step 4 - After you have done step 3 correctly you will receive a verification link to your email confirm it and it will ask you to pay a amount of 0.04 $ to list it confirm the payment and your token will be listed on cc tip in  2 minutes.

Step 5 - This is the most important step of how to add liquidity to your token to set its price in cc tip go here and click on add liquidity it will open a form input the amount of the token you want to add as liquidity and in second input enter the amount of currency in which you want of the token to be swapped like i want to make all to swap it for trx in second field i will select trx and insert the amount  i want to add then click continue

and you will have your token fully ready if you want to see it's price open telegram and then start the cc tip bot and type cc swap 0.1 trx  <space> yourtoken name (i have written trx because i have used trx for liquidity) it will show up its price and details .


That it for todays article hope you learnt something from this article . Thanks for reading.

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