Feel like you will never reach 25 BAT ?

Feel like you will never reach 25 BAT ?

By Jon92 | Crypto & faucets | 1 May 2021

If you are using Brave browser you may want to withdraw your BAT but you need two things first :

  • a verified Uphold account
  • at least 25 BAT  

25 BAT is a really high amount for normal people I think.

Even if I'm using my browser all day long (I work as a web-developper), i'm still quite far from the withdrawal limit. Espacially since the reward decreases on my browser : I was getting 0.01 BAT by ad, but now it is 0.005... If someone knows why this amount went down, feel free to comment this post.

As Brave's rewards decrease, I'm pretty sure that many people can give up with the idea of one day withdrawing their BAT.

So, one can ask : will I ever be able to withdraw my BATs ?

GraB.TC can help you with this !



I discovered this website a few days ago and I wanted to share a little tip : GraB.TC offers a way to convert your BATs in Bitcoin.
No need to wait the 25 BAT limit, and no need to share your personal data with Uphold in order to get verified.


How does it work ?

It's really simple.

In fact, you just have to tip GraB.TC with your BAT and then, they send you a cashback in bits on your GraB.TC account.

1 BAT tipped will give you between 600 and 1200 bits (depending on your account level). Given that 1 bit equals 1 satoshi, you can get at least 0.34$ for 1 BAT at current pricing : this means you will earn about 27% of the real value of your BAT.

I know, it's low but it's better than nothing, espacially if you think you could never reach the withdrawal limit.
View the complete offer's description : https://grab.tc/?page=blog&x=16

Personally, I will try to reach the 25 BAT, but if I grow tired with this I will not hesitate to use GraB.TC offer. I already completed another offer on this website and they seem serious : I got my reward after staff validation five minutes later.


And if I am not using Brave ?

If you are not using Brave, GraB.TC has also another interesting offer for new adopters : you can earn 2000 satoshi for a fresh install and a proof of 30-day usage.

There are also PTC ads, a faucet, surveys, offers, shortlinks... It's a really complete website to earn satoshis.
If you want to join Grab.TC, feel free to use my referal link : https://grab.tc/?ref=206077

Hope it can help and have a nice week-end  !

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