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Struggling to find content to upload on platforms like YouTube / Publish0x?

Usually, I use pictures and screenshots that I create myself. 


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Pexels is a great alternative for finding pictures and other content that creators upload and don't mind you using. 


For Writing blogs and typing papers, stuff like that, it is crucial that you think of every word yourself! Thanks to google and search engines finding out if you paraphrased something is easy. When you paraphrase internet articles you could end up flagging plagiarism and fail or worse. Teachers use online plagiarism checkers all the time - They just copy paste your papers to find out if you've been being naughty! Even if you did not plagiarism something, you should screen the work every time (especially for college). It's a good idea to avoid using internet sources all together while writing an essay because that content is already online! 


with being a content creator - it's important that your content does not receive any copyright strikes. Your content that you upload could get removed off the website you're uploading too like Youtube, etc. Monetization, account bans, bad reputation with the community and things of that nature. It is good a pretty good idea to practice 'safe' content creation -- or at least to the best of your ability.


Sure, it's difficult to avoid copyright and copying other people's ideas and content entirely, but blatantly copy-pasting content won't do you any good! I don't think you would like people taking your own ideas from you without any credit for your work! Though, there is also a lot of content out there that people want you to use, they receive more attention and views so you're providing them in some ways free advertising service. For music, movies, and content that artists make and sell for money is pretty much obvious that you should avoid using. 

Some of the best songs out there use or sample other songs all the time. For starting out artists it's not too big of a deal until you start making money. Most of the time Big-time artists make sure to contact the creators and seek approvals to sample and use.creating original content is not easy! Thinking of a unique and original idea is difficult, as it's likely that someone else already thought of it. But that doesn't mean you should give up. There is always some kind of way to improve a pre-existing idea. Thats what most good inventions are, really. 


I'll leave this article with one idea that could be improved... Printer-Ink! There has to be some way to make those cartridges cheaper. 





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