Xdai block explorer - cheap fees!

A Quick introduction to xdai - The cheapest gas fees (0.0001)




Gnosis Chain 

Explore the blockchain transactions: https://blockscout.com/xdai/mainnet/  


Wtf! - 0.0001 fees.. stable coin?!


Remember when matic was good?  gas was cheap. Matic was Mooning. 

well - times are changing fast in the crypto-verse

Stable currency staking strategies are surely the safest bet 

Save a ton on gas fees & Chill. Farm Rewards with balancer Stable pools.

KYC ? Nope! You own the private keys to your the finance LAMBO!




What about the swap? Where to APY?

Currently, Sushiswap and Balancer are my go-to dapps.

Here are some noteworthy things you can do.








Scored a little .004 dai - Atleast the faucet worked ! Kudos Gimlu

Explore the Docs @ www.xdaichain.com 


Lastly, Chill and Farm those sweet-sweet token incentives with balancer and Sushi liquidity pools!


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Always Do Your Own Research ~ 


Appreciate any Tips here is my eth wallet~ I love me some Matics! 


GJ Making it this far reading~ I will leave here one of my favorite little secrets  


FixedFloat is a very cheap way to Transfer tokens across various chains

I've saved a lot of gas using these guys. Check them out! 


disclaimer: i am not affiliated with any of these websites. 







Invest in Crip Safely~!


create publish0x account for free and earn crypto!

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random dude! link to my git https://github.com/kirby4201

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