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Nfts? Kucoin? Lomens? KuSwap!


received a ' lomen ' NFT airdrop recently?

Wondering where to Trade KCC (kucoin chain) Nfts?


You can trade KCC-chain NFTS at this website:


Invest into the KuSwap token and Get free gas-back on Swaps & Trades. 


Apply for your NFT projected to be listed and sold!

Speaking of Fees - The gas fees to Send / Trade / Swap are cheap! Like MATIC Crypto.

Currently gas fees are around ~0.01 cents worth of KCC to do swaps and trade Nfts.




Aside from NFT trading is also a DEX-less Exchange. 

Like quickswap , sushiswap , pancakeswap -

Swap KCC-native Tokens - Farm LP tokens - Create Liqduitiy pools - receive air drops & more!


Farm and invite your friends to earn more! ::



The site (kcc chain as well) is Relatively new, so expect more features to come! 

Use your Ref link and invite friends into kuswap farms - gain % Rewards from their farming!

There is also a Crypto bridge to transfer some of your other assets into KCC (from BNB, ETH chains, etc.) 

Simply connect your wallet to the Website with an app like metamask and you're good to go. 




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