Earning DOGE for free in 2021

Is there any possibility to earn DOGE for free in 2021? For sure it is but the question is

"Is it still profitable"?

In the past I used some faucet sites and portals to earn free crypto. I decided to check after 1 year of my inactivity if they are still up-and-running and what is the current value they offer.

Please have a look below on the list where you can still get free DOGE in fair amount.


Of course, you need to remember that you will not become a billionare, using those sites :)


Looking at DOGE price today, it seems those portals may be profitable for you, relatively in short time. You can get regular payouts if you do not want to spend your real monet to buy crypto.



This is typical faucet site where you can claim free DOGE every 10 minutes.

All you need to do is just simply resolve captcha and have some luck :) You will roll a number between 1 and 99 999

Bits reward

You can earn from 0.1 to 800 DOGEs which is JACKPOT when you roll 99 999

You are collecting bits a virtual currency which is exchanged for DOGE.


In the past, there was Happy Hour where you could use faucet every 1 minute!! At this moment I haven't noticed, if it is still available.


Next to faucet, you can watch advertisements, which are rewarded very low.

Additionally, you can resolve shortinks - which I do not recommend as you do not know what sits behind them. For sure some dangerous crap!

There are also some gambling games to waste your money but if you are lucky, you can increse your earnings.

Your membership and persistance will be rewarder. Please, visit STATS and ACHIEVEMNTS section to collect them. You will be reqrder with free bits and premium membership days which guarantees you higher minimal reward from faucet rolls.




There are two thresholds for DOGE withdrawal. But first of all, you need to unlock them by rolling faucet at least 100 times. This is one time action per account, which does not have to be repeated.

Withdraw options

The first option is 20 DOGEs and you can transfer funds into FaucetPay wallet. For direct withdrwals, you need to collect at least 100 DOGEs and you will be paid within 72 hours.

FaucetPay payments appear instantly on your account and you need to have at least 50 DOGEs to request withdrawal with fee of 1 DOGE (this will be paid in 4 hours), for 5 minutes payment, you need to pay 5 DOGEs.

Tip! If you want to get money faster to your external wallet, collect 101 DOGEs and send them to FaucetPay. You can request payment with 1 DOGE fee and in 4 hours they'll be in your wallet!

If you are interested in this option, do not wait anymore and just register at Doge-BitsFree portal.

If you do not own FaucetPay wallet yet, you can register at FaucetPay.


Roller Coin

This platform is cloud mining sim. You can select between three major cryptocurrencies

  • DOGE
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

The basic functionality is to play some simple games and collect virtual power for mining. When you have accumulated power, every block dag out is rewarded to you, based on your hash power.

There is a list of web browser games, which after each game completed are increasing difficulty and mining power. You can spend some time with fund to play them and collect mining power.

Games list

Mining power is accumulated up to 7 days! when you played around 100 games. After that, you have to win at least one game within 24 hours to not loose computer, After 7 days, the oldest power accumulated will be droped and you have to gain new one to keep mining.

Virtual computer to mine cryptocurrency

Last time they have done some changes on the portal and from now on, you can withdraw directly to your wallet 90 DOGEs (at time of writing; Previously that amount was 300 DOGEs and few days ago 150 DOGEs, which may suggest it is based on cryptocurrency current value)

You can also invest your money and buy equipment to increase your mining power but this is optional.

Last time I visited Roller Coin, there were around 250k users, today there are more than 840k!! It seems, people started mining for free in profitable cryptocurrencies.

If you are not a member of this portal, please create free account at RollerCoin and start earning cryptocurrency for free with fun!



It is also typical faucet site. You can run it every 12 hours and you will be rewarded with very small amount of coins. If you are lucky enough, there is also jackpot of variable amount of coins to win.

Cointiply faucet

Coins are basic currency on the portal which are later exchanged to

  • DOGE
  • Bitcoin

this decision is up to you, when you collect 50 000 coins for withdrawal. When you have at least 30 000 coins, you can get direct payment to your DOGE wallet. Starting from 35 000 coins in you account ballance, you will be paid automatic staking reward.

There are also other options to earn coins there:

  • Watching advertisements
  • Filling surveys (I am NEVER qualified to any :/)
  • Playing gambling games

Coins are collecting very slow, so you need to be patient to earn 30k but it is working. So, if you do not have account yes, please use this link to create one for you at Cointiply

I hope you'll enjoy earning DOGE for free as it seems to be good option next to real money investment :)

The next time, I will share other cryptocurrencies faucets with you and in the meantime, if you don't mind, please use my reffferal links or ask your friends to support me :) I would be happy.

Thank you in advance.

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