Crypto Fan about Crypto Fun - introduction

Hello world!

I'm excited to start blogging on this platform and I wanted shortly introduce myself and the blog.

My cryptocurrency journey has started accidentally, around 1 year ago. I figured out Brave browser where Basic Attention Token (BAT) was promoted. Everything started because of Brave and BAT.

I started searching information about it in the Internet and I found out, this is based on Ethereum (ETH) network. That time it was very cheap and network fees almost doesn't exist - now, everything has changed. Price of these cryptocurrencies raised and network fees are huge!

I was a fan of BAT and ETH for long time but when their price started growing I found Tron (TRX) and BitTorrentToken (BTT) interesting. They allowed me to get some amount into my wallet. You can stake TRX and get it for free! Wow, I really liked this.

I had some shot time when I was fan of Dogecoin (DOGE) and I was pretty sure that some day, its value increase. However, I did a mistake and lost my DOGEs so I regret that today.

All gained experience, learned me how to act in crypto-world. I hope, I have something interesting to say and share with you guys, here.

I would be happy when you join my blog and start following me actively. I really like to see comments and get feedback, to know if all I am doing is interesting or not.

Feedback - in general - let's me figuring out, what should be changed and adjusted to deliver better content.

My blog will be about cryptocurrency in general, including some personal thoughts about it too. In the beginning, I think I will start around Tron network, as this is my primy interest at this moment.

I hope, you will find my blog and posts enjoyable, and we will become crypto-friends for longer time!

Thank you for your time and reading this entry. I hope we meet soon with something more technical.


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Crypto Fan about Crypto Fun
Crypto Fan about Crypto Fun

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