15% off groceries with Crypto.com Gift Cards

15% off groceries with Crypto.com Gift Cards

By Nathan Teale | Crypto Explosion | 16 Jun 2020



If you're reading this on PublishOx, there's a high probability you know about Crypto and Defi and if not, then PublishOx have some of the most informative Crypto blogs I've ever read. Combined with my favorite tubers, they have taught me so much about wealth creation and passive streams via Crypto and here I want to present to you ANOTHER way I've found to earn ANOTHER semi-passive revenue stream using Crypto.com. 

Lot's of capitals...I KNOW...but it's EXCITING!

I was just fiddling around in my Crypto.com app and found that I can buy gift cards to spend at some pretty major stores worldwide including BestBuy, Amazon (US/ CA/ AUS), Starbucks, Myer, Coles and JB HIFI (AUS) and receive a whopping 7-15% back on purchases. If you are already a part of Crypto.com, this is so great thing to hear as it adds yet another layer of potential earnings back to your wallet. If not, then I'd highly suggest reading my Viral Defi article which delves into Crypto.com (among others) substantially or watch this video so you don't have to read.

So after the initial 'F*#% YES SUCCESS!' feeling of finding another way to earn more Crypto, I was quite annoyed I hadn't seen this sooner. Having just added an Insta360 OneX, a PS4 Pro, games, some seasonal clothes, a substantial Amazon purchase and a bunch of cupboard food from Walmart. This all totaled north of $2k and now I find out that I could have earned up to a few hundred bucks back..... Sadface.

Although I've held an account with them for about a 6 months and have known about their MCO debit cards making transactions even more seamless,  they aren't available in Canada...but for some reason I hadn't found out about this brilliant gift card feature. 

 Australian AffiliatesCanadian Affiliates

Found within the 'Pay' tab, after selecting your country of choice, you'll find the stores affiliated and the discount available.

To meet these conditions all you need to have is CRO staked on a 3 month term within the app, then pay for the gift card with CRO. As a side effect of doing this, you'll also be receiving 16% interest APR on your stake. I am rewarded about 53 CRO per week with my stake and that's been going for the last 4 months. On top of that, CRO has boomed in price over the last 6 months so my all my daily rewards for those 4 months of 53 CRO is worth 5x to what they were when I bought them. Yet another reason to get into Crypto.

Coles 15% cashback 

Starbucks 15% cashback 

Amazon CA 7.5% cashback

This in conjunction with the other platforms I currently use which are generating about $40 a month in passive income, will grant me a nice buff on my monthly Crypto income. I spend about $300 a month at Walmart, and if I get back 15%, well, now I would have offset my phone bill...period. Not too bad! Every few other months when I make that tech upgrade or seasonal clothes, there's a few free meals, a movie and some mid shelf wine. Of coarse I never cash out and buy these things as this is my investment. I would rather add all gains, cash or Crypto, to my overall stack and watch it grow exponentially over the current bull cycle. 

I don't plan to use any of my portfolio for spending unless I am able to benefit from it somehow. The question I continue to ask is...'How can I earn more for free?' Asking myself this daily has only led to more compounding gains. Thinking like this has made me understand and develop better usage of the available platforms and I practice this by utilizing Crypto loans, compound interest and now, gift card cash back. By applying these methods for the 20/21 bull cycle, I aim to yield well more than a few free meals and my phone bill.

Since my quest to find passive income streams without having a 500k+ subbed YouTube channel, I have gone from a few cents a week to $40 a month. Some people actually say 'That's barely anything considering the effort'. This has to be the easiest way I've ever earned currency. Requiring no physical effort and arming yourself with information along the way... If you have a phone and enough for your next grocery bill, you can do this.

With the extra 15% boost I may start hitting my first monthly goal of $100 in Crypto income. You gotta start small in this game or risk losing for lack of knowledge and for this reason, I was extremely cautious for a solid 3 months of dabbling with these applications. But with the ever growing community and updated information surrounding the space, I only grow more confident.

Every few weeks it seems I find another way to add to my bags, although I couldn't exactly call this one passive because I have to swap money for gift cards to generate the return...but that small step is 115% worth it. I plan to now have a pre-funded amazon card with $1000 loaded....this way I've already received the 15% back on the gift card.

And actually, I realized while typing this that if I buy an actual Amazon gift card from Amazon with my Crypto.com gift credit for Amazon....maybe it's eligible for the extra 10% that Amazon offer for using their card. This could take the total gained all the way up to 25%. I'm going to trial that thought because I have no idea if it will work yet...but technically it could. If these kinds of rewards don't interest you, that's fine it really isn't for everyone, but if you're even a little bit tech savvy it's very easy to setup.

If you would like to know more about Crypto.com or other ways to earn passive income with Crypto, give my other articles a read as I try to keep them short (ish) and sweet with as much beneficial information as I can.

Anyways that's all for now....if you're still reading, here's my actual referral code to earn $50 when you make your first $250 deposit. https://platinum.crypto.com/r/5dva8j4yxg
Note:  the first link in this article is unaffiliated but this one is. 

If this seems like a lot, how much did your last grocery bill cost? And wouldn't you like to save money on that bill?

In the words of the great Neo.......I leave the choice to you.

Peace and happy Crypto!

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