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Crypto Exchanges and Pools
Crypto Exchanges and Pools

Crypto Exchanges and Pools

The Blog is meant to share some of my experiences with Cryptocurrency exchanges and yield farming/syrup pools. Hopefully, my minimal experience will be of use to folks just getting into Crypto!

BNB Factor Yield farm, read the fine print!

28 Sep 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Hepatic

I'm sure a lot of y'all have seen the links and post for BNB Factor, a new type of yield farm.  At first glance it looks great, up to 4% daily returns for staking your BNB (Binance coin).  I've dabbled in FARM and Pancake yield farming and syrup pool...

Crypto faucets, what are your thoughts?

22 Sep 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Hepatic

So I decided to "take the plunge" and sign up for a couple of crypto faucets again.  I've been actively working both for a little over a week now, just running the faucet and claiming telegram tokens, roll for token, and a couple of surveys.  I have...

Should I care what "Influencers" say about Crypto?

7 Sep 2021 1 minute read 1 comment Hepatic

So in a word NO!  The old adage of "Do Your Own Research" (DYOR) has never been more true than in the Cryptoverse!  I'm sure many of you have seen the news from the UK concerning Kim Kardashian, aka will do anything to remain in the public eye, conce...

My experience with Coinbase

1 Sep 2021 2 minute read 0 comments Hepatic

If you are already a Coinbase user, this may not be the post for you outside of reading my experience with the platform.  Like many of you, I decided to get into Crypto a few years back first to "test the waters" and second because I was sick of watc...