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Order of Other NFT collection - Updates and future development!

By Ceekz | Crypto Essential News | 16 May 2021

Hi P0x community,

As some may know, I have been following the development of the Order of Other NFT collection since its beginning, fascinated by the lore behind it, and the visual aspect of their NFT cards and digital assets. By engaging from early--on with the project, I have met and talked a number of times with the digital artist behind the collection, RedRo, a down-to-earth person with lots of cool ideas and open to feedback from the community.

To learn more about the project you can read this article of mine:

The Order of Others collection has continued the develop in the past month. Therefore, in this short article, I will try to list what new updates have taken place and what to expect from the future for the ones interested to learn more, and those that are already following the development of the project.

Current Updates

Already some of the drops are live and can be found on the Atomic Hub Market of the WAX blockchain.


This includes:

  • The 5 source coins (needed for blending items)
  • The swords coins (needed for blending swords)
  • Drops for the Swords 1, 2, 3 from the collection
  • A Whitelisted token drop for members that is ongoing

In regards to blending, it has gone live for some time now and the blends are variants of swords that are unique and available through blending

Future updates

  • In the following week, the Level 2 Tier drop for weapons will start.
  • A new blend will be introduced in order to burn some promo material
  • In total 5 new drops are expected for next week; including 3 new swords, 1 hold item, and the blend for promo mentioned above.



Also, as token of appreciation for the Order of Other community, 3 number 1 mints will be distributed through a giveaway to whitelisted members in the following week. If you want to get whitelisted you can do that fairly easy by joining the Discord community and submitting your WAX address.

Since some of the drops are really rare and with a small number of available mints as the project develops their marketplace value could appreciate.

If you are following the social media channels of the Order of Other you should keep an eye out for a big announcement that will drop on Wednesday. 

Obviously I cannot share much more about this as it is a secret *wink wink*

Last, as per my latest discussions with Redro, he is already in talks with gaming developers in order to start developing the gaming aspects of the Order. The application for the Order collection to be included into rPlanet is also in the pipeline. Furthermore, the team is expanding and has added new members, while it looks forward to interesting people with ideas who can get on board.

Order of Other channels
Website: (under development, will be going live soon)


Instagram: (capturing the NFT design phase, as most collectibles are hand-drawn first)


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