The Order of Other! An NFT series with an amazing lore launching on WAX Blockchain.

The Order of Other! An NFT series with an amazing lore launching on WAX Blockchain.

By Ceekz | Crypto Essential News | 6 May 2021

NFTs are a hot topic right now! Everyone wants to get into the game. Some for the money, others fun, while a third groups as hardcore aficionados of digital collectibles. NFT, after NFT, digital collection after digital collection, the number of new releases is so vast that it is hard to keep track of them and sometimes find those gems with future potential.

Personally I found one very interesting such project with strong community involvement on Discord and Telegram that is it its early phase.

This is the Order of Other,
an Inter-galactic and interdimensional NFT series by Red Ro, a digital artist and such a humble person that always seeks the feedback of members inside the Order community channels in order to improve it every time.

What is the Order of Other and its lore


There are 5 Orders that are ruled by the Order of Other. These five orders are denoted by different colours and weapons and include:

  • The Order of Other which has a green colour and is that of special skills and abilities crossing boundaries between different Orders.
  • The Order of Swords which has a purple colour and is that of mages and wizards
  • The Order of Daggers has a red colour and is made up of assassins and mercenaries
  • The Order of Maces has a yellow colour and is made up of paladins, lawmen, and clergy
  • The Order of Axes which has a blue colour and is made up of sailors, navy-men, Vikings

Each Order has 9 cards: Cards 1-2-3 are common, 4-5 uncommon, 6-7 rare, 8 epic, 9 legendary


Minting number for each card is as follows (1 = 1000 mints, 2 = 800, 3 = 600, 4 = 400, 5 = 200, 6 = 100, 7 = 50, 8 = 25, 9 = 10

Source coins will be introduced in a later phase and will allow for upgrading your cards through blending.


The first drop is already ongoing on WAX Blockchain, while members who join the Telegram and Discord channels can claim free exclusive promo drops and personalized NFTs through engagement.

The long term development plan is to turn the Order of Other into a full scale NFT blockchain game with a mix of medieval sci-fi / planetary wars between the different Orders controlling different parts of the galaxy.

For more updates and to claim free NFT drops you can join the Discord community here:




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