TikTok BANNED: Turn to VID, The FUTURE of Social Media!!!

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Just to get this out of the way, I have never used TikTok

VID is a social media platform that has been around for a little while now, they have a native token called VI (Value Income) and this is the currency for the platform. When using the app you can explore through all the different videos posted by other members, create your own videos, just post videos from the past. 

I have not used the platform to much as I have been very busy and don't typically use social media much in the first place. But seeing as the Trump administration decided to have a TikTok ban I thought it might be the perfect opportunity to introduce all you great and supportive Publish0x users to this great platform. 


Logo.svg is the future! 

As you can see by the Market information for the VI token at this point in time, it is not something to be crazy about. But the token is absolutely the last thing you should care about because I do believe the product is very high quality. Plus, with the distribution of a token on a platform that is very similar to TikTok, the minimal amount of current users, and the extreme dedication of the team behind the product. 


Join the Revolution and Earn Money for Your Content!


Join me on Vid. It's a new social media app that pays you for using it! https://vidcamera.app.link/x4ssYINWS9

I don't have very much content on there as I have not had the time to really explore it but the layout is extremely intuitive and for me it seems like it is a really great social media platform with the bonus of earning for your content unlike, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram. 


Tokenomics & Logo.svg Basics:


So when VID first started many years ago they had a lot of problems with the only person that knew cryptography and designed the first platform. You can check out their story in the video I will post at the end, it is a pretty long video and to be honest I practically never actually watch videos like that, especially that are as long as this one but it's worth it. 

At this time, the current tokens are ERC-20 and they have a total supply of 888,888,888 with an initial circulating supply of 31,388,888. The VI (Value Income) tokens are locked in an Ethereum smart contract that distributes exactly 7,000 VI per day with 99% of the tokens given to users for their Value Income for contributing to the quality content. The other 1% of the daily tokens released are set to go to the VID foundation fund to continue innovation. 

There are two main ways to increase the daily VI tokens you receive.

1. The easiest way is to simply be an active daily user of the app (more users any given day, each user gets less VI tokens as a result sooner you join more you earn.)

2. To further increase your earnings is through the Impact Bonus, this bonus is calculated by number of unique views, number of followers, the overall engagement on the platform, the amount of videos viewed by the user, the total number of videos created, and the number of consecutive days being active.   

As far as the distribution times for the VI token, they get paid out daily and according to their white paper 

Daily distributions work as follows:

- Payouts are distributed among all active (active on the valuation day) users

- The daily token pool contains 6,930 tokens

- 20% of the token pool are used for Universal VI (VI) payouts, that's 1,386 


- 80% of the token pool are used to pay users based on their impact, that's 

5,544 tokens

IS: the user’s impact score is the sum of their normalized personal contribution
and their normalized network contribution (NPC + NNC)

NIS: normalized IS

CR: the user's country-specific payout rate

TCR: the sum of all users' CR

TIS: the sum of all users' NIS

UVI_M: the UVI multiplier, which is the number of UVI tokens (1,386) divided by

IMP_M: the impact multiplier, which is the number of impact tokens (5.544)
divided by TIS

Finally, each user's payout is calculated as follows:

* Universal VI payout: 


* Impact payout: 


The factors that contribute to the impact score may alter during the initial
growth phase of the VI platform. After which any changes will be voted on by
token holders.


Here is their video about the long process of making this platform



If you aren't like me and didn't watch the whole video, or even some of it. I will give you TL;DR, they were working on this for years with a single coder to both make the platform and the cryptocurrency, that ONE person had the keys for the crypto they created to sell for funding and he ghosted them with everything. They got a new coder and he completely started from scratch and years later I am here writing about a product that looks very promising with an obviously dedicated team behind it!! 


I really hope you all enjoyed reading this, I felt with the news that it was the perfect opportunity to share an incredible project that can become a real game changer and you can be involved! If you want to check them out more you can go

VID Website



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