ShapeShift Decentralized Exchange with ZERO FEES!


ShapeShift Decentralized Exchange



   Recently ShapeShift has released their own native token named $FOX and for a limited time new members who sign up for their cryptocurrency

exchange will receive a bonus gift of 100 FOX tokens which are the determinant to the limit of free trading one receives on the platform. If you are like

me you started out with very small trading volumes which make it a little more difficult to make small increases without large market swings due to 

standard trading fees and commission rates.  


ShapeShift will soon reduce the distribution to new users to 10 FOX, SIGN UP TODAY to take advantage of $1,000 of free trading



The Benefits of the FOX Token



   When you hold your FOX tokens in the integrated Portis wallet you will notice that for every token you hold you will receive $10 worth of trading

volume for free. While the free trading is specifically for a 30 day period, it will reset after day 30 and you will once again have the full amount of free

trading available. Additionally, to make things even better they have integrated an incentive program which rewards users who are actively trading with 

more FOX tokens per trade further increasing the free trading cap. The FOX tokens at this time are strictly for providing users of the platform an 

incentive and a reward for supporting ShapeShift. 



ShapeShift DEX



   The ShapeShift platform and exchange are decentralized and dedicated cryptocurrency based projects that have been continually innovating to give 

the crypto community a trusted source for exchanging tokens on a decentralized platform with the ability to easily send P2P. The full custody of all coins 

are never out of your grasp with the ability to use the ShapeShift platform, the integrated Portis wallet, or connect either the Trezor or KeepKey hardware

wallets which all support the ERC-20 FOX token. While connected to trade on the platform the number of FOX tokens you are holding will be

represented in multiple locations with statements that read,


The below statement is directly, word for word from the official ShapeShift Platform.


"1 FOX Token = $10 in trade volume. Free means ShapeShift adds zero commission, zero spread, and zero trading fees to our rates. Standard miner fees still apply. Your free trade volume renews 30 days after it's used.

Click Learn More to know more about free trading on ShapeShift DEX

You have $1,000 in free trades. Replenishes 30 days after you use it."


  You will also notice that you earn FOX tokens for each trade performed and this statement can be found in the FOX token details on the ShapeShift DEX

platform and specifically states,


The below statement is directly, word for word from the official ShapeShift Platform.


"You earn FOX on every trade you make. You'll be able to get a FOX distribution each time your FOX earned reaches 10 FOX."


   I was notified yesterday that this promotional offer to receive 100 FOX tokens upon sign up is ending any day, the tokens themselves are not

intended *at this time* to have any purpose other than to provide incentive and rewards to trade with the ShapeShift DEX! 


I hope at least a couple individuals will take advantage of the offer ShapeShift is graciously providing in order to further increase profits on every trade!


Links provided below, Please feel free to TIP yourself and enjoy the day!!


Main ShapeShift link: ShapeShift Platform

Information on the FOX Token: FOX Token Information

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Crypto Enthusiasts Journey
Crypto Enthusiasts Journey

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