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BNB Christmas Tree: The Presents are waiting!

Claim your presents on Christmas at XMASBNB!


This is a brand new chapter to get your crypto Christmas started off on the right foot just visit XMASBNB! The premise is quite simple but there are some things to watch out for if you decide to join in on the fun and XMASBNB is trading now so get them while they are cheaper!

Buying and selling XMASBNB: 

Firstly you must have 10 tokens in order to redeem a present on Christmas; however, you are free to buy and sell the token as you see fit. There will only be 1,000 total XMASBNB tokens minted and in circulation to begin and no more can be minted but they can be burned. Each purchase and sale of the token will have a 12% tax which is utilized to pay for the present rewards and to encourage trading. 

Christmas Presents:

These are presents that can be purchased using 10 XMASBNB tokens, BUT only on or after Christmas day! If you decide to redeem presents before Christmas day you will incur a 50% penalty and only received half the rewards within the present. Each present that is redeemed will burn 10 tokens reducing the number of XMASBNB in circulation. My favorite part is that when redeeming a present you will get a fixed amount of BNB (which I will not discuss as that ruins the surprise of it being a present). 

XMASBNB token: 

The Basics are that the project will launch with a fixed amount of 1,000 tokens. The initial purchase period which will begin today and will be limited to a maximum of 10 tokens per wallet. While you may only be able to purchase 10 tokens the market will be opened within an hour (already passed the hour mark sorry for posting a little late) and more tokens can be immediately purchased through pancakeswap to increase your token count and increase the amount of presents you can redeem on Christmas. 

The overall goal:

To reward users with an opportunity to redeem a Christmas present on Christmas day that can earn them some extra BNB! Furthermore, with the ability to trade the XMASBNB token while waiting for Christmas to arrive gives chances to gather more tokens and possibly earn some money while trading for a month!

There are NO Referrals for this project I make absolutely nothing by you visiting or participating in this project. 

Have a great holiday season and stay safe out there! 

As always if you have any questions please reach out to me in the comments section or through my social media pages!

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Thank you for taking the time to read about this Christmas special I hope you enjoy it and get some nice BNB in your presents on Christmas!


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Crypto Enthusiasts Journey
Crypto Enthusiasts Journey

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