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While I have a long past with BitCoin it mostly contains the purchase and use of them around 2011-2012 and once I changed my ways I never really thought much more about it until recently when I fell into hard times. I began doing things like taking surveys for a little extra cash and I ran into my first BTC faucet website which is one of the top rated around Cointiply . While I have been there for around 6 months I only managed to accumulate $20 in bitcoin mostly from the free faucet but doing some small offers here and there.

Although I didn't much care that I only made such a tiny amount, I wanted to see if I could find more places similar to this and I found some that were around the same payout with the similar amount of time consumption. I came across a micro-wallet and the 7 associated faucets for multiple different coins, these work well and build up over time and in my opinion the biggest benefit to this is you get 3 BTC faucets and the micro-wallet gives you coins for every claim you make and they are worth nearly 1 satoshi (I will post all links at the bottom if anyone is interested).


Eventually though, I came across two other faucets, one similar to contiply but the other is the golden faucet in my opinion. Having only used the "Golden Faucet" for several months I have been able to accrue triple of what I made from all the other faucets combined. It gives you the ability to "drip" your faucet one time every minute and it costs ACP which you earn to power the automatic faucet, you can have as many as 9 different coins dripping every minute or as little as one and you can increase the output every minute up to 4X. For example, I have my 4X option selected and every minute I receive 4-5 satoshi of BTC, I am also currently getting LTC, DASH, and ETH. 

Doing the math compared to say (this does not include the level bonus accrued for either platform)

cointiply (22 coins roughly 19 satoshi) and can be redeemed every 60 minutes (for sake of argument it was a lucky roll and got 70 coins roughly 60 satoshi).  

Golden Faucet (just bitcoin for 60 minutes) 4 satoshi * 60 minutes gives 240 satoshi. 

So if you were to get lucky and land 70 coins every hour you would still make 4 times less than my now favorite place to earn free crypto! 

*Now none of this will get you rich or even as much as places that don't pay in crypto but over time it's definitely worth it if done the right way, I have made about $65 in the last 3 months with very little effort.* 

This here is the "Golden Faucet" as I like to call it "Golden Faucet"

Just two other faucets that are okay I don't use them much BTC and MoreMoney BTC

and for anyone interested in the other 7 faucets and the micro-wallet 

For these you will need a "Coinpot micro-wallet" to link to










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Crypto Enthusiasts Journey
Crypto Enthusiasts Journey

I have been around since the early days of bitcoin, I unfortunately wasn't smart enough to hold any of them. Now I mainly do a plethora of research almost daily while passively earning crypto from a couple faucets.

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