Here is my list of my Favorite Publish0x Authors

Here is my list of my Favorite Publish0x Authors

By Tejas19 | Crypto_ed | 20 May 2020

Congrats Igor Tomic , the Publish0x team, the publish0x community and the authors who have helped in reaching this special milestone of 100k registered users.

I'm a simple guy who comes here for the free tips and read some articles. I'm not gonna list the authors here based on rankings all of them are equally good and write different content so it doesn't make sense comparing each other. I follow the authors mentioned here based on the information they provide so that I am fully updated in all aspects of the crypto world be it general news, mining, blockchain gaming, about a particular coin or exchange etc. 


I get all the information related to blockchain games and how to earn certain tokens by gaming.





I find really useful information on how to mine various cryptocurrencies be it through CPU or GPU. I'm no whale to set up a mining farm and start mining bitcoin so yeah it's good to know that you do not require much computational power to mine certain currencies.






I get to know about all the partnerships a certain crypto is tied up with, that way I get to know how legit a certain crypto project is and if they have a bright future.






Very good descriptions about crypto projects to get a kick start before you dive into the rabbit hole by doing your own intense research.



I get all the assorted info be it general crypto news, tips on blogging and also about cryto projects.






His writing style is very unique and has a lot of humor in it. The thumbnails are an eye-catcher. Definite effort can be seen in creating those thumbnails and the articles. 






Straight up charts and price predictions to get a general idea on how a certain crypto is gonna act next. I do look at the charts and try to understand them as I am a noob at trading.






Comprehensive guides to understanding a crypto project. Makes you very well informed about a crypto project.






If you have a doubt about investing in a certain crypto project you can check his views as he give a detailed description about the project and his long and short term expectations out of it.






You get all the crypto reviews, wallet reviews and exchange reviews here. I get an informed decision on about the wallets or exchanges I need to use.





To all the new authors out there don't get discouraged by the tips you are receiving, if you enjoy writing just keep writing and eventually people will start to value your work. Look at articles others write to get some ideas and how you could incorporate them in your articles for more views. Keep writing and help in expanding the community. To all the existing authors out there keep doing what you've already been doing! Cheers!

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A student pursuing Masters in Germany. Recently got interested in crypto and blockchain technologies.


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