Bright ID DAO Launch

BrightID DAO Launch Today

So BrightID is one decentralized solution for providing identity services to DAPPs that require that their users prove humanity. I think there are other services like "Proof of Humanity" but for me "Proof of Humanity" is much worse than BrightID, because BrightID does not compromise your privacy and also will not require users to make any deposits. 

The verification process is simple, your first step should be to install the app and make a profile, then you join a verification meeting, you can find a schedule at: you participate you make some connection, and you get verified, the participation is relatively short, it doesn't take more than 10 to 15 minutes. 

After the meeting is over your account will get the verified badge relatively shortly, but it differs from user to user, if you're lucky it can only take a few minutes. When your account is verified DAPPs can query your status and know if you are verified, but BrightID itself will not send personal data to a DAPP, a DAPP can query some metadata like the number of connections when you get verified and other data, that is not related directly to your identity. 

Today they launched a public DAO alongside their bright token, that wants to incorporate thousands of members, BrightID wants to be a DAO where there is no profit motive, and today when I participated in their AMA they specifically laid out the vision where the power is more distributed to everyday actors and not in the hands of whales.

It remains to be seen if this vision will be achieved, but what I can say today is that the project looks very good, and every DAPP developer should seriously consider using BrightID, also DAPPs that suffer from low funding could be still using BrightID since it doesn't require DAPPs to sponsor or buy subscriptions for their users, though if your DAPP doesn't buy these consumables ( used when users verify under you app) it will be listed after the paying ones. 

Some complaints that I have seen raised many times are related to the recovery process because it requires to have at least 3 contacts( which don't need to be verified) that be must be marked in the APP as your trusted contact. This for some including me is a problem since we don't have such 3 close contacts whom to trust or that we can have at our disposal forever. 

For that, I'll post today here a link, to a tutorial to set your recovery without having these 3 contacts:

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