Earning with Nexo

Earning With Nexo! Week #1

By Squeaker | Crypto Dog | 9 Mar 2021

I recently wrote an article on earning with Nexo (https://www.publish0x.com/crypto-dog/earning-with-nexo-an-introduction-xpnvpdk) go check it out! It explains pretty what Nexo is and how earning on crypto or fiat works.

I'm launching this series on Earning With Nexo to document my weekly earnings on the platform as well to discuss the future of Nexo and a few tips and tricks. 

I joined last summer, (June 2020) and since then I've earned more than $500 !!! 



I also bought some of their native cryptocurrency, the Nexo Token and I'm up 822%.... (bought at 0.17€)

Needless to say that my experience so far with the platform has been absolutely GREAT (I'm rich baby! kind of 😅 i wish i put more in but yeah it is what is is right?)



I'm planning on posting an update every Tuesday so stay tuned !!


Well that's all for now, this is just a launch post but next week, I'll focus on:

What is the Nexo Token and what makes it's value

+ the weekly earning update



Hope to see ya next week, and have a nice day!!


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