Earning on Publish0x, Week #1

By Squeaker | Crypto Dog | 8 Mar 2021

Hello world,

this is the start of hopefully a long journey with Publish0x !!

Now I am completely new to this; first time writing a blog and especially getting paid for doing it! Literally no idea on how to be interesting or finding entertaining topics. I guess I'll just have to learn on the way, and hopefully you guys can help me out.

Earnings! Well it really isn't much for now (my first article didn't even get tipped 😢 ) but in the long term it could be a good source of passive income. Go check'em out and don't forget the tip ;)$$

What I love with publish0x is the win win situation. The website gets money from advertising, the authors get money for posting and the readers get paid for reading. It's just awesome  🤩


I've got a lot more ideas in stock and can't wait to share them with you ! In the mean time I'm launching this weekly series to document what it's like to post on Publish0x. We'll go through the average earnings, the hottest topics, the little tips to gain more visibility, the optimal posting times and much more...

Until next time, peace 


My twitter: https://twitter.com/ingres73296648

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