Are you new to Crypto world ? let me tell you some tips how to earn free Crypto

By willy39 | Crypto daily news | 9 Mar 2021

Hello from the other side .. you remember this Song for adele 

i really loved it . the side of Crypto world that i never imagined since i start to dive

after the Pandmic and they force to stay in Home n italy for almost 2 month was nothing to do except eating and watching tv and play games 

after 1 week you get bored cause you do the same everyday till i decide to understand

the bitccoin and learn about the crypto and also invest some money too 


Round Silver and Gold Coins

but where to start ? im almost broke and have no money so i started to look at some coins which is not big value now

but in the future will have good value and already told my self the 50$ gas for my car  every week since i don't use it,

i'll buy with them some crypto currency 

1- TRON 

i remember i bought them the price 0.014 and now the price around  0.05 and i think it will grow up 

2- Vetchain 

almost the same price and they doubled 4 times in 6 - 8 months 


and other cryptos that i earned them throigh that Facuet thet they really paid to my wallet which i was happy to receive extra crypto 

through watching ads . it take me around 30-40 minutes every day to click and open this sites and then earn crypto like Verage , BTT and also Tron 

which i add them to my wallet too , it's completly free all waht you need to to register and connfirm you email and then you are free to earn every day 

also you can choose between 20 of you favorite crypto to withdraw 

here you are the link > 


if you have trusted faucet please share it with me in the comment i'll be happy to discover more 

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