Can you earn crypto on Reddit?

By Diabeeton | Crypto currency stuff | 28 Sep 2020

Reddit is a social media site that is usually used for community posts in different sub Reddits. On Reddit when you post of comment you can get upvoted which will give you a positive karma and when you get downvoted you will gain a negative karma score or points taken from a positive score. Thr concept of karma has been relatively pointless but this has changed.

On different subs gaining karma can earn you points in the Reddit vault. And on the sub called Cryptocurrency contributions to the sub can earn you moons a new Cryptocurrency that can be converted into other Cryptocurrency or real money. Recently moons have been placed on some websites like honey swap. 1 moon isnt worth much possibly around 10 pence but this can go up but also down.

So how do you own moons?

On the sub you can post and comment and every month the moon's will be distributed for your contribution. Also you can be tipped moons for posting and commenting things that other people in the community enjoy.

So if you would like to try earn some new Cryptocurrency I suggest you jump on the sub and contribute to the community. Good luck!

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Crypto currency stuff
Crypto currency stuff

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