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Huobi Considers Listing Pi Network

By Valdyr | Crypto-Curious Blogger | 27 Dec 2022

I was scrolling through Torum last night when one post in particular caught my eye: an announcement from Huobi that they would be considering adding Pi to the exchange following Pi's mainnet launch.

I wrote a brief overview of Pi a month or so ago, and some of the main comments I heard there (and, well, in a lot of places) were regarding the frustration of what seemed to be Pi's stagnation in regards to getting the cryptocurrency onto a legitimate exchange. So Huobi's announcement may be welcomed news to folks who have been holding out hope that something might actually happen with all of that Pi we've been mining on our phones.

The announcement came late on December 25th:

"Huobi has always been committed in supporting top projects in their community relations. With the positive recommendation of Pi Network’s community, Huobi will follow up closely with Pi Network's updates regarding the upcoming mainnet launch. Once the main network is upgraded successfully, Pi will be reviewed for listing at the soonest." - Huobi Support

The Pi Network has released an End of Year Tech Update in-app within the last few days, but no mention of Huobi's consideration was included. The tech update did cover some of the latest improvements we've seen over the last few months from Pi, including the ongoing mainnet migration as well as a faster KYC process.

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Are you still mining Pi? If so, does this news make you more excited about the project's future? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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