The Sleeping Giant - When (Not If) Will XRP Come To Life?

The Sleeping Giant - When (Not If) Will XRP Come To Life?

By JLettermanMB | Crypto Cranny | 15 Nov 2019

XRP is extremely undervalued. Take everything into consideration, and do your own due diligence. Consider the market, coin comparisons, the track record of Ripple, its usage, volume, history and more, and we have a sleeping giant right under our noses. Everyone is always looking for the next big project, and coins get pumped. XRP on the other hand is a well-established crypto that should be valued as such, just like its peers. 

The Ripple Effect


Look at the market cap list and think about the established business relationships that Ripple has with various banks. To be clear, and fair, its institutional relationships and its usage are still in the making. But the same can be said for the rest of the crypto world. Why is XRP struggling to break through?

I’m not talking about a forecast of a 100 percent increase in value. I’m talking about a 5000+ percent increase in value. That is my honest opinion, and I believe the reason XRP is staying at a certain level is because of it being held to a particular standard amid an infantile crypto economy. Once the crypto universe really gets cranking, I believe XRP will suddenly take its rightful place. 

XRP is a widely popular coin, but its peers continue to outperform while it underperforms. Like all the other coins that gained popularity, XRP had its moment. Yet we haven’t seen anything yet. In my honest opinion, 2, 5, 10 years down the road, I believe XRP to be more important of a digital asset than Bitcoin. 


To The Moon

All hyped up, crypto investors are always saying that this currency or that currency is ‘going to the moon.’ Using that type of metaphor, let’s just say that no cryptocurrency has even come close to setting foot on the moon. It took mankind thousands of years to achieve that goal. The crypto economy is in its infancy, and Bitcoin simply started the revolution. Many improvements have been discovered in the world of blockchain development, and one day, Bitcoin will no longer lead the way. 

Trying to choose which currencies to invest in right now is like trying to pick from a field of 1997 ticker symbols to select Amazon as the #1 choice. Not many people would’ve guessed it then, and that’s an age old story. It happens again and again. 

Let me tell you something about investing. People love to buy the hype, and they love to buy high. They look at investments, or in this case currencies, that are already performing. With major growth to come for the crypto market in general, it’s no wonder people are excitedly holding every coin they can get their hands on. 

Yet that’s not really happening. People are trading coins more than they are holding them, just like with the stock market and investments. It’s not easy for the average person to save money, in whatever form or fashion it comes. 

Furthermore, to make my point about buying high even clearer, think to the biggest moment in crypto history so far, the Bitcoin Explosion. Remember when BTC was valued at $19k a coin? That had much to do with the general public collectively hearing about and believing in an opportunity that was already moving. 

Most everyone didn’t mine or buy and hold BTC in 2012. They didn’t even jump on board with BTC as it became valued at hundreds and then several thousand dollars. People suddenly, and for who knows what reason, collectively bought it up to $19k. Some people rode the chart to a profit, but people who already had the Bitcoin were the ones who won big. Still, others lost money as they bought in too late and held for the decline. 

We are likely to see big moves like that in the future. If you’re reading this piece, you are likely passionate about crypto and holding your own coins. Now  let me ask you a question: Why not focus on an already established currency that shows a very promising future and is only selling at less than 30 cents a coin? 

Now I’m not saying only focus on XRP. I build my crypto in various ways and like anyone else that is passionate about digital assets, I accumulate everything I can. However, I’m painting a picture to show you that my horse, the one I currently think is going to outperform in comparison to all other current cryptos, is XRP. 

Ripple as a company has big bold plans, and these plans are made well known. I find it interesting that you must have 20 XRP in a wallet just to get it established. It is, for now at least, not able to be withdrawn. Think of it like you’re depositing the minimum required to establish a savings account at a bank. 

RippleNet customers include big names such as Santander, American Express and PNC. (Forbes)

Input the fact that Ripple’s largest goal, for now, is to replace SWIFT, which is the traditional payments system. They achieve that goal, and nothing is stopping them from doing much more. Imagine Ripple actually becoming the new banking system. Do you think it could happen? 

All of these other niche coins sound great, but who are the big boys? Bitcoin might definitely take on ‘gold’ status later on down the road. But there is also Bitcoin Gold and not everything has to mirror the financial picture in society that we are used to seeing. Still on that track, however, what about Ethereum as silver? And we have stablecoins, or digital dollars. 

But which coins are going to make big moves in society that change the way we handle our finances? Again, in my honest opinion, it’s XRP, the sleeping giant right under our noses. And there are no current events or business dealings that can point to proof that XRP is about to explode. That isn’t how you pick winners like selecting Amazon back in 1997. 

By the time the proof is there, everyone is already on board. You may get excited and jump on the bandwagon, but you’re just one person in a sea of faces. Maybe as a passionate crypto hodler like me, you’re searching for one coin that you want to focus on more than others. Maybe you’re on the fence about which digital asset you want to accumulate the most of before the game changes. 

To me, that digital asset is XRP, hands down. The crypto world has to disrupt the banks before it does anything else of major proportion. And just which currency do you think is going to officially disrupt the banking system? All things considered, I believe it to be XRP. Even if the coin were valued at dollars vs cents like its peers, I would still be saying that. 

Yet the fact that XRP is valued at less than 30 cents a coin makes it an even bigger opportunity for early investors. As much as we know about Ripple and XRP, it’s interesting that we can say that we would still be early investors. But the crypto econcomy is just getting started folks. And which sleeping giant will change the landscape in real world application? Even some of the scam coins were valued at much more than 30 cents a coin at one point. And XRP is trading for pennies as I’m writing this. Keep stacking up new ERC20 tokens, sure, but I’m telling you, I think the answer is right under our noses. 


I am a ghostwriter, investor and foodie. I enjoy learning about the crypto world, and I am continuously seeking out new opportunities.

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