Top Altcoin Picks For May 2021

By busyjordy | crypto-corner | 4 May 2021


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In today’s episode I review the performance of my top picks for April and those that I shared with you for the medium term and then we look at my top picks for May.

I know that not everyone is too keen on watching videos and I will try to outline some of the key points of this episode in this post, but in the video you get much more detailed information, so I would still urge you to watch the episode if your internet speed allows.

👆These are my opinions, not financial advice, always DYOR.

Coins & Tokens I shared with you in April and their ROI for the past month:

CAKE: +129%
SOL: +122% (it actually went up by 175% at its peak, after which corrected).
ETH: +46%
SXP: +53%
UNI: +47%
EGLD: +34% (it peaked at +77% which was ideal for locking in profits and I exited this trade).
RAMP: broke support so I did not enter a trade with this token.
SENSO: +102%

Tokens and Coins I suggested for accumulating:

Theta - upgrade postponed for June, we saw it drop by -40%, closed at -8%
Audius - doubling its supply brought the price down by more than 50%
Sushi - in the shadow of Uniswap, dropped by 44%, closed at -5%
Filecoin -13% close but it dropped by -35% during the market crash

Tokens and Coins I picked for medium term hold:

CARTESI +69% but it peaked at 120%
SORA +18%
LUKSO -22% perfect buy
WAYKICHAIN closed +20% but peaked at +72%
LIT -1%

And these are my top picks for trading in May: 

ADA - Cardano is due a launch of the Alonzo testnet which will bring smart contracts to Cardano and was supposed to go live in late April, early May, but it could be much later in the month. According to some sources, it could even be as late as end of May.
According to Hoskinson (founder) this will be the first time that people can write smart contracts and deploy them on the Cardano network.

UNI v3 is launcnhing tomorrow and if successful and without any glitches, it can continue the already built-up momentum of the UNI token. is launching their own blockchain and new website - with a key date 20 May - being the Phase 1 of this upgrade and the platform which will enable minting, trading and transfer of non-fungible tokens - something that surely will bring enough buzz to push the price of CRO upward.

Lisk has a developer event on 21 May, which seems promising, they could make some announcements for upcoming new features that I see making a bullish case for the Lisk token. Also, the token was just listed on OKEX and trading will commence on 11th May.

SXP continues to roll out new services and features, such as their own NFT marketplace and an upgraded V2 of their exchange protocol, so May should be profitable for SXP hodlers.

BNB is also poised to make new gains as BSC continues to add new projects and applications, they're also about to launch an NFT marketplace in June and this is making me very bullish on BNB as well. It's already quite high though, meaning that I don't expect anything too crazy, but a further +30-40% gains would be the optimum I am seeing for BNB in the short term.

SENSO (Sensorium) will launch its social VR platform worldwide this month. This project is backed by many high net worth individuals and I featured it here a few weeks back, it's one of my top performers for April and May looks very promising too.

CAKE - yes, Pancake Swap's token is still in my top picks for May, they will be launching a new version of their exchange platform in late June, so any dips will be a great accumulation opportunity in the run up to this event.

Theta - mainnet 3.0 launch is due end of June and as the date approaches, we should see some upside movements in the chart of Theta.

Cartesi also has some updates coming in late June, which means I am holding that too.


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