Top Altcoin Picks for April 2021

Top Altcoin Picks for April 2021

By busyjordy | crypto-corner | 5 Apr 2021


In today's episode:

►My Top Altcoin Picks for April 2021
►Top Altcoin Picks for March 2021 Revised

In this episode I go through the coins I picked at the start of March and revised their performance, so take a look. Also, I go through the charts of the coins I feature in today's episode, so the video has more details than I include below, but here's the list for those who aren't too keen on watching...

FIL - WATCHING FOR EXIT OR HODL - I see Filecoin going down in the short term, but a growing interest in the coin from both sides of the Pacific - and that is the US and Asia, I would not be surprised if this correction is short-lived and we see further momentum on the upside with FIL

UNI - SHOULD DO VERY WELL UNISWAP V3 is getting ready to be launched at the beginning of May and with the anticipation of that, their token is also gaining momentum. This new version will bring some big improvements , especially for liquidity providers, so we could see a lot of buzz surrounding this upgrade.

SUSHI - as far as DEXes go, this is the second favourite, especially for yield farming rewards, so I see it doing well in April. however, with the Uniswap V3 about to launch, we might see a decline in the interest for sushi as the two DEXES are in direct competition and if this happens, we can see Sushi Token losing momentum and perhaps sitting flat for a while, or even dipping low, which is why it's on my watchlist - accumulate when the coin is bleeding, nit when it's pumping.

KSM & DOT - Both Polkadot and Kusama are in my portfolio since last year as you know and these are not April picks really, but with KSM, the recent drop in price was ideal for accumulating some more and I did that. Parachains are going to be big in the coming months as we are still struggling with Ethereum's fees and the overload on the network. Alternatives are coming and parachains are starting to be utilized and needed more and more. I can easily see KSM going above $800 in the near term.

CAKE - SHOULD DO WELL as Binance Chain continues to give Ethereum a run for its money. Just a few days ago Pankace Swap was reported to be catching up on TVL with Uniswap - the biggest Ethereum-powered DEX. From what we see, people are moving away from Ethereum due to their high fees and until July, when this could possibly be resolved, I see Pancake Swap gaining more strength, so its token is bound to go up in the process. Around the 10th April they're doing a token burn which is possibly the biggest token burn so far - more than $73 million USD worth or 4.5 million CAKE tokens - this creates scarcity of the token and as a result - value goes up.

AUDIO (AUDIUS) - They're building a competition to Spotify and awarding music artists in their native token. April is seeing a huge supply shock, I read about Audius doubling its supply this month, so this could bring its price down to very attractive accumulation levels and soon after it will pick up and this is why it's an attractive "buy" for me this month.

RAMP is another one to watch. It was currently added to Binance, so the volume is picking up. It's already gone through a peak and a correction after the listing, so it seems like it's starting another push upward. If we don't see it fall any lower than the current trending support, I will get in. Breaking below the support will make me jump out of that trade. They're just releasing yield farming with BUSD for Pancake Swap, so it's making a buzz, let's see.

EGLD - Elrond has an upgrade that will be rolled out in few stages over the coming months, first module is going live on April 9th, so this could see it continue its bull run, plus a possible break out from the current wedge pattern is quite possible on the TA side of things.
It's looking good against BTC too, as It crossed above ~270k sats level with increasing volume … let see how it evolves from here, a R/S Flip or a breakout above ~324k sats could be a signal of further continuation.

SXP (SWIPE) is also looking good from Technical point of view. It's just broken out of a key resistance level

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