The Power Of OpenSeed Starting With OpenLink

The Power Of OpenSeed Starting With OpenLink

By TaskMaster | Crypto Concord | 8 Feb 2020

There is a project that is developing that I feel everyone should be aware of. This is one of those projects that I feel is going to help take Steem to new heights. As I learn more about it, I am really excited about the potential for, not only this blockchain, but the entire sector in general.

Before going any further, I will state that over the next few weeks, I will be posting question and answer sessions that were directed to the different team members. This will help to show everyone the thinking behind the project along with the potential.

My hope is it will help the community to get excited about what is taking place since this project seeks to address a few major issues the industry is confronting at the present moment.




What Is OpenSeed?

The best way to think about this is as a software laboratory. This is aimed at giving the world open-source software that targets developers and entrepreneurs. The main idea is to produce the code once and then let everyone use it.

Present focus is on Steem but, as we will see, this extends past this.

One of the main starting points is to concentrate on developers. OpenSeed is putting together tools that makes development on Steem much easier. By providing the basics that can be incorporated into any application, newer developers will find a suite of options that can shortcut the process of bringing their apps to market.

This also will lower the barrier to entry. A big problem with this entire industry is that it is still too complicated. People with non-technical backgrounds struggle. That means that entrepreneurs are having to find people who understand different types of development as it pertains to blockchain. This is not the easiest thing to do since those people are in demand.

The goal of OpenSeed is to provide the "templates" to non-technical people the same way that Wordpress open up webpage design to everyone.

Database Management

A key aspect to OpenSeed is database management. This provides a bit of insight into the goals of the organization since data is a hot topic, especially as it pertains to the management (ownership) of it.

It is also a vital area for the on-boarding process. We all know how difficult it is in the decentralized blockchain world to get user into the ecosystem. Few have made much headway in this area. OpenSeed is looking at a different way of setting up databases and how they are controlled.

This is how they described it in their latest post.

You can think of OpenSeed as a User Management System, much like WordPress is a Content Management System. Just like Wordpress enabled developers to create blogs faster by providing a pre-existing framework for storing and serving up content, OpenSeed will enable developers to create apps faster by providing a pre-existing framework for storing and serving up user data that is secured by strong encryption.

I will not delve too much into this right now since a lot more information will come out in the question and answers.


Every platform needs a starting project and OpenLink is that for OpenSeed.

This is a chat application that will allow individuals to converse with each other. It is a pretty basic idea since there many out there. What makes OpenLink different is that it can be integrated into any application on Steem. Presently, if one is on Facebook, using the Messenger, all data is resident there. When that person goes to Hangouts, for example, all the Facebook info is not there. This is all part of the "siloed" Internet.

With OpenLink, that is history. Wherever an individual goes, his or her data is there. Thus, if one uses the chat with another individual in a gaming app, that conversation is available if OpenLink is available on Actifit.

In short the users always had access to the data.

Of course, the question is where is this data resident? Is OpenSeed becoming another Facebook in that regard?

From what I understand, it is the exact opposite. While data is on the OpenSeed server, any of the applications that incorporate are free to set up their own server. Thus, we get decentralization, not so much for the immutability aspect, like with blockchain, but to provide speed and efficiency. Having the data as close to the end-user is the goal. Therefore, we see a mesh network being established between the different servers.

Going back to OpenLink as an example, if one is on an application that integrated it and has its own OpenSeed server, there is no guarantee that node is going to be used. The system will access the node that provides the data the fastest. Thus, even though one might be on Steempeak, the data could be pulled from the Actifit server since that is the most efficient at that moment.

OpenLink can help to solve the chicken or the egg scenario. Steem has a proven community that can take an application and garner attention very quickly. Thus, Steemians can use OpenLink as a means of opening up the gateway to OpenSeed. Developers want to go where there is activity and OpenLink can provide that. By starting out with different offerings, the project will be able to attract more developers who, in turn, will churn out more open-source offerings.

This is just the first of what will be many front end applications that access the back end databases. The fact that this is cross-platform means all types of developers are welcome. It also provides the opportunity for Steem to reach new markets since applications that are resident elsewhere will gain exposure to what is taking place on Steem.

From this perspective, it is a win-win scenario.

Providing back end operations enables developers and entrepreneurs to focus on the front end. This is not glamorous but it does take a great deal of the burden away. Hopefully, it will open the door for more rapid development.


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