BitClout Due Diligence on Profile Research: Canva

By Rekt | Trader Commentator | 15 Nov 2021


As a primer for those that are familiar with BitClout, or one of he platforms on the DeSo network, it's a decentralized social platform that allows you to buy community tokens in a particular profile. While previously cloaked, the "DiamondHands" founder revealed himself to be Nader Al-Naji, esteemed Princeton CS graduate who raised $200,000,000 for this DeSo "Decentralized Social" protocol. 

There are several ways to use the platform including posting content, reading & liking other people's content, giving them diamonds which can be converted into cryptocurrencies, and buying the community coin of other platforms.

I like to post and do due diligence on promising profiles.

One of my favorites, of late, was that of Canva's.

As you may know, Canva is one of the biggest success stories of the tech world, a simple-to-use image editor that can make anyone a pretty solid graphics editor in a matter of hours. That and advanced features that include posted to Twitter and removing backgrounds makes this platform pretty special. For many thousands of early large companies the Cloud reserve their profiles in case they want to use them Down the road. Canva is one of those profiles.


I've had success with speculating on these profiles because you're limited to what you put into a particular profile and the return when whales decide to speculate on these profiles later or the company ends up leaning the profile down the road are substantial.


When a profile is claimed and then the visibility of their posts and recognition of the work for the community that they're doing on big cloud leads people to find their Community coin, thus elevating the price.

The economics of the community coin is rather brilliant because it acts as internal automated marketmaker where or when you buy a coin it's slowly elevating the value of that coin at 3X multiple such that previous coin investors can exit without crashing the market.

It's rare that a stateside watching company would take it such an aggressive push into the community coin space but they're doing it because there sappy, and smart. Couple that with taking capital from some of the largest venture funds in Silicon Valley makes it such that I would keep an eye on this project and most certainly create a profile and claim some of your own free $DESO. $25 in DeSo with this link. If you used $25 to buy @Canva at the current valuation and it went to 1/2 of @hubspot's then your investment would be worth around $5000.

Also, check out BitCloutPress if you want to invest in the actual fund that scouts and buys positions in these community tokens.


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