Crypto Collider Is Back!

By Crypto-Collider | Crypto Collider | 28 Sep 2020

Welcome to the first post of the new Crypto Collider Blog!

This marks a new beginning for Collider as we reload with release of version 1.65 in mobile & desktop!

Thanks for your long-standing support everyone that has made it with us so far :)

Collider has been quietly refining its offering and its pleased to announce the following upgrades since last contact...

  • New Website with detailed vision of Collider games and tools tailored to different functions and levels of users
  • New learners game "Crypto Challenge" in closed-beta phase
  • New market analysis tool "coinSight" public beta viewable at
  • Extra community chat rooms created on Discord and Telegram 

  • Collider Arena updated to version 1.65 including the following updates:
    • Migration to desktop app (Windows required for primary confirms)
    • 9x Margin Playing (no borrow Fee)
    • Playing stats in Account panel
    • Refreshed graphics
    • Improved deposit & withdrawal system
    • BTC, LTC, RVN, RDD, DASH, PPC, POT, HNS and DOGE wallets enabled
    • Handshake (HNS) new asset added
    • Themes option in settings panel (use to change/turn off background)
    • Ability to filter account log by deposits, withdraws or Collider Coin payouts
    • View throw history / playing stats for last 1000 throws via account panel
    • Leaderboard top ten payout column now showing pending payout value in $
    • Android version updated to 1.65 with full function except confirmations & video background
    • Game confirmation primary confirmation reward increased to 100 points (ie. it would now only take 37 primary confirms alone to mine enough points for 1cc)
    • Text updates & many mild bug fixes

Collider is designed to grow from genuine usage and user benefit, by joining together with Collider's games and tools in common we can...

  • Have fun playing assets through the Collider Arena with the benefits of hedging and/or winning
  • Grow Crypto awareness and education through our learning game 'Crypto Challenge'
  • Grow Crypto adoption through Collider Arena, DEX & Wallet
  • Earn Collider Coins through contributions and grow its value through utility
  • Be exposed to new assets and opportunities through coinSight and Collier Chats / other players
  • The goal of Collider is to Use The Power of Crypto to Rise Opportunities Together!

Ways you can contribute and earn more Collider coins right at this moment...

  • Play and/or set auto-throws in Collider Arena
  • Create primary confirmations (now 100 Points!) by keeping Collider Arena app logged in on a Windows PC
  • Introduce your Crypto friends to Collider and its updates
  • Follow and retweet on Twitter
  • Join and engage with our chats on Discord and/or Telegram
  • Recommend new assets and help everyone find the next big Crypto moon-shot!

The plan is in place, the Arena is ready, come be part of another unique & amazing crypto story, we can do it!

Play Balls :)

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