Collider Coin Wallet & Mining Instructions

Collider Coin Wallet & Mining Instructions

By Crypto-Collider | Crypto Collider | 23 Jan 2021

Collider Coin Main Chain Has Began!

Here you'll find basic instructions for running your own Collider Coin Wallet and Mining Collider Coins via Proof-of-Work.

It is also possible to mine Collider Coins by playing and confirming the games released by

While only fairly basic instructions and tools are mostly command line at this time, most experienced users will be familiar with the setup and this document will be updated as more options and GUI tools are developed.

Full details of the Chain dynamics & purpose can be found at and respectively.

How to run a node and CPU mine using Komodo Daemon

  • Install Komodo Daemon / Smart Chain Software
    The simple way is to use prebuilt binaries available from - find the file for your operating system, download and unzip into a new directory.
    You can also build from source using instructions at 
  • Load into newly created Komodo directory (where komodod is located) and run the following command
    ./komodod -ac_name=CLC -ac_supply=99000000 -ac_reward=200000000,100000000,25000000 -ac_perc=100000000 -ac_founders=1 -ac_cc=45 -ac_public=1 -ac_snapshot=1440 -ac_pubkey=02df9bda7bfe2bcaa938b29a399fb0ba58cfb6cc3ddc0001062a600f60a8237ad9 -ac_eras=3 -ac_end=129600,259200,0 &​
    This will begin the Collider Coin chain and it should start syncing with the network
  • Ensure port 31033 is open to incoming traffic
  • You may now use all the startard bitcoin-cli and rpc commands using the start chain prefix including for example
    ./komodo-cli -ac_name=CLC getinfo
    ./komodo-cli -ac_name=CLC getnewaddress​
  • The command to start mining using all available cores is

    ./komodo-cli -ac_name=CLC setgenerate true $(nproc)

    That's it you're mining Collider Coin via POW using Komodo's Daemon!

Using Daemon-Tools by DaemonFox (Windows)

GPU & Pool Mining

  • While CPU mining is possible in the early stages, likely GPU & Pool mining will be required within a couple weeks of release
  • A pool created by trusted community member DaemonFox is available at 
  • Experienced users may GPU Solo or Pool Mine using the following miners (or any other that supports EquiHash)
    • Claymores ZCash miner (bat file known working for Radeon VII)
    • EWBF Version 0.3.4b (bat file known working for a nVidia 1080ti)  

Block Explorer

Explorer available at: &


Check back soon here for updates including...

  • GUI Wallet
  • AtomicDex integration

Thanks for your support, let us know if you have any questions or troubles in Discord at and Good Luck!

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