Collider Coin Komodo Migration

By Crypto-Collider | Crypto Collider | 3 Jan 2021

Collider Coin Komodo Migration

Crypto Collider is excited to announce the plans for Collider Coin's migration to an independent smart chain based on Komodo Tech!

The migration will take place in stages starting with Collider Version 1.7 where the upgraded Collider coin will be introduced up until full system completion at Version 3.0.

While some changes are proposed in the detail below, the majority of Collier Coins current and future planned features will remain intact.

Model Upgrade Overview

The new collider coins will be the native token to their own independent Komodo based smart chain. This chain will be responsible for distribution of the Collider Coins based on a combination of block mining (POW) and game playing (earn points for swapping). Only Colldier Coins which have released in these two ways will be part of the circulating supply and freely transferred/traded between addresses. Although this condition will be revised when the circulating supply increases past 30% of the total supply and Collider completes v3 (which will include on-chain functionality to enabled community/decentralised governance).

This is designed so the circulating supply is roughly equivalent to the projects overall progress towards decentralisation, ie. starting at 100% centralised (0% cc distributed) and slowly becoming decentralised as Collider Coins are released to the community by interacting and contributing to the project. This should enable a community driven valuation of Collider with members confident of a predictable supply and the creators commitment to its long term success. While also enabling the initial creators to maintain an appropriate level of control and be rewarded through fee revenue proportional to their input risk that is reflected in share of total supply.

The chain will be POW based using Komodo's aPOW and dPOW technology as needed. Traditional Miners will earn cc as block rewards to provide block generation including custom data verification, storage and contract processing.

A larger amount of cc is available to community members to earn by interacting with the games & tools in a number of ways including contributing content, generating game inputs (playing) and confirming game results (watching). These contributions are rewarded with 'points' that can then be swapped for collider coins at a ratio set to the collider chain's block height (so collider coins become slowly more expensive in points value). The amount of cc allocated to 'points mining' is equal to the miner rewards plus an additional 10,000,000 (~10% of total cc supply) for each major game version release up to version 3 (ie. up to 10m during v1, up to 20m during v2 and up to 30m during v3). The points also have other utility including being used to earn top ten player rewards (equivalent to holding ~18% of total Collider Coins across entire top ten) and unlocking extra features and abilities within the games (ie. not all points will be swapped for cc). 

The minting and allocation of 'points' will be completed on-chain via a separate smart chain that will be created to be specific to this task. The points rewards will be generated/minted on-demand using the combination of a smart contract (containing the points rules) running in the 'points chain' that watches for block generation in the 'game data chain' (which includes the result data for each game completed).

The 'game data chain' is a third separate smart chain which has the specialised purpose of storing the game data of a single game in each block. The 'game data chain' will also be responsible for managing the game(s) coin inputs and outputs so the entire game process (including coin management) can be completed on-chain and be fully decentralised. Using the game data chain to manage coin inputs and outputs will be the next major step of decentralisation following the release of the main Collider Coin chain. 

By separating the game data and points functions to separate specialised chains, the following advantages are achieved...
1. Game data blocks can be generated at the rate of game creation while the main collider coin chain can have its blocks generated consistently and not be dependent on game completion (so collider coins can be transferred, mined and swapped for points independent of game play)
2. System can be updated without the need for forking the main Collider Coin chain
3. Security requirements (and other settings) for each of the specialised chains can be customised be to their functions

The main collider coin chain will secure the non-circulating colliders inside a series of smart contract addresses, each corresponding to a specific purpose including top ten players rewards and those waiting to be swapped for points. The points swapping will use Komodo's direct chain interoperability and custom consensus features so points from the points chain may be directly traded (and burnt) for Collider Coin in its chain using the ratio set by the cc smart contract.

The points and game data chains will be launched progressively after main chain launch (although the exact sequence is yet to be determined) and will be notarised to the main collider chain which in turn will be using dPOW for enhanced data security that will filter through to each of the three chains. All chains will also utilise aPOW (adaptive proof-of-work) to guard against difficulty fluctuations/malicious mining.  

A user-friendly GUI wallet to enable easy storage, mining, voting and other on-chains features will be released as 'Collider Wallet' after the main Collider Coin chain is in stable operation, until then initial miners and Collider Coin holders may interact with the chain by downloading the Komodo daemon and starting the Collider chain with its  specific launch command. This launch command is listed with explanation below...              

Collider coin/main chain launch command

./komodod -ac_name=CC -ac_supply=99000000 -ac_reward=200000000,100000000,25000000 -ac_perc=100000000 -ac_founders=1 -ac_cc=TBA -ac_public=1 -ac_snapshot=1440 -ac_pubkey=TBA -addnode=TBA -ac_eras=3 -ac_end=129600,259200,0 &                             

Parameter explanation

  • ac_name=CC
    Chain symbol / ticker, stands for Crypto Collider and/or Collider Coin     
  • ac_supply=99000000
    Initial supply 99,000,000
    Current total amount of Collider Coins is 1,000,000 and on transition to the new chain every 1 cc will become 100cc (except for 1000cc from the non-circulating supply that will be burnt / not transitioned)    
  • ac_reward=200000000,100000000,25000000 -ac_eras=3
    There will be 3era's of miner block rewards as defined here, era1 will have 2cc per block rewarded, era2 1cc per block rewarded and the final era will have .25cc rewarded indefinitely. The era specifics are detailed below...
    miner total rewards = 259,200cc
    rewarded for points = up to 259,200cc
    miner total rewards = 129,600cc
    rewarded for points = 129,600cc
    miner total rewards = 131,400cc per yr
    rewarded for points = 131,400cc per yr

    In summery this will equate to:
    First 6m inflation: 777,600cc ~ .7776% / ~8% circ supply
    First 1yr inflation: 910,800cc ~ .9108% / ~%9 circ supply
    Second Yr inflation: 262,800cc ~ .2628% / ~0.5-2% circ supply
  • ac_end=129600,259200,0
    The first two mining eras will last approx. 90 days each and the 3rd and final era will last indefinitely
  • ac_perc=100000000 -ac_founders=1
    Each block will also produce a 'founders reward' that is equal to the miner reward. Although termed 'founders reward' these cc will not be delivered to a 'founders' (group or individual) address but instead to the address controlled by a smart contact used for distribution via points swapping / game interaction mining (so cc are always available for players to swap with points)
  • ac_cc=TBA
    This enables the custom consensus module and identifies the 'collider asset zone' / composable chain network. All Collider network chains will use this parameter so they may be directly inter-operable.               

  • ac_public=1
    Collider network chains are transparent and are not designed to provide anonymous transactions as a feature of its chains, although other options outside of Collider may provide privacy for all users if they choose to use them.          
  • ac_snapshot=1440
    A snapshot of cc address balances is taken once per day to aid in payout calculations and other governance/stake weighed features  
  • ac_pubkey=TBA
    This is the raw public key of the smart contract address that will receive 'founders' rewards for distribution via points

  • addnode=TBA  
    This is the IP of a known node to enable chain resolution

The main Collider Coin chain will be launched initially privately while it undergoes setup and testing and then once all tests are successful another announcement will be will be made that contains detailed instructions for prospective miners. This testing period should not last more than ~7 days and all block rewards earn by the first node during this period will be airdropped to active community members.

Non-circulating supply

The details of the non-circulating supply remain almost entirely unchanged from the initial release of Collider V1.0; those details are summarised below...

Top Ten Players (ranked by points holding)
1st. 45,000 / 4,500,000 - before / after migration
2nd. 36,000 / 3,600,000
3rd. 27,000 / 2,700,000
4th. 18,000 / 1,800,000
5th-10th. 9,000 / 900,000
~18% of total supply

Other balances

  • 340,200 / 33,000,000* ** - ColliderCoin Lead Developer / Game Runner / Admin (reducing after migration)
  • 180,000 / 17,100,000* **- ColliderCoin Second in Charge / Customer Support / Human Resources (reducing after migration)
  • 19,800 / 1,980,000 - ColliderCoin Seed Investors (Friends & Family) (reducing after migration)
    ~52.08% of total supply

*-10,200 / -1,020,000 - Burnt as part of migration process
**up to 100,000 / 10,000,000 from Lead developer and/or 2IC balances are possible for private sale and/or allocation to potential new partnerships. This will be under special conditions of unique and significant contribution from the new holder(s) and that any allocation remains non-circulating until release of 30%+ of total supply into circulation via points and/or mining).
Remaining 28.92% of total supply reserved For Points distribution
75,000 / 7,500,000 - On offer now for points swapping as of Collider V1.67 (~60,000 have been distributed as of publication)
Remaining Reserved for Future Points Based Distribution of up to 100,000 / 10,000,000 per major Collider version (75,000 currently released)
The final release for points swapping at completion of version 3 will be ~28.92% of total initial supply; then supplemented with block generation rewards that will increase total circulating supply by an additional ~1.17% by the end of year two from chain launch and take Collider past the original target of over 30% circulating supply. 

Special Conditions and Targets for the transition to full decentralisation and removal of non-circulating supply restrictions
The restrictions on special allocations of Collider Coin, ie. the non-circulating supply, are not designed to be in place forever but instead to work as insurance and motivation to achieve full decentralisation indicated by the following significant goals & targets when they may be 'unlocked'.
The final conditions required for all non-circulating supply to be unlocked are:

  • Over 29% of total supply is circulating supply (ie. has been released via block and/or points mining)    
  • Game volume value is over $500,000 USD per day averaged over last 30 days
  • Collider Coin total supply valuation is over $20,000,000 USD averaged over last 30 days
  • Collider Coin circulating supply trading volume is over $5,000 USD per day averaged over last 30 days
  • Major Version 3 has been released with community governance features enabled

At the point these conditions are met the following may happen under final approval via community governance:

  • Up to 50% but no less than 25% of non-circulating supply balances will the allocated to a new independent and community governed third party tasked with using these balances to support operation and promote growth of Crypto Collider (ie. a Collider Foundation with on-chain treasury). 
  • The 'foundation treasury' will then be administered via the version 3 governance features (approx 17.5% to 35% of total supply)
  • All remaining balances will then be part of the circulating supply (minus top ten player rewards & foundation treasury as decided by community governance)               

Upgrade Process

Currently there are 1,000,000 collider coins which are registered on as a BTC based Counterparty asset and in a traditional database for game accounts. The migration to KMD smart chain will include an increase of balances for each user at a proportional rate of 100 KMD based cc for each 1 current cc. Users of the current system will have the swap completed automatically for their in-game balances and be able to withdraw the new cc to their own wallet once the migration is completed.

Due to the 1:100 ratio increase in raw number of Collider Coin, user will require a minimum of 100 Collider Coin to receive fee payouts and the minimum throw for Collider Coin in-game will increase to 10.               

The Collider Coin main chain will be the first to launch in early January. Once the chain is running stable for at least 24hrs, its final full launch command will be shared with the Collider and Komodo communities so they may commence running nodes and receiving rewards. A miner option will soon after also be included in Collider's windows & linux apps (Collider Wallet).

The next immediate goals will be decentralisation of in-game coin custody to user controlled wallets via adaptation of atomic swap technology using data confirmed via the 'game data chain', and then the enforcement of game rules and points distribution via the 'game points chain'. 

Collider is also releasing its second game, Crypto Challenge (which is beginner education focused) in Q1 2021

Thanks for making the journey with us, here's to a successful migration and reaching heights in 2021!

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