The heart of an explorer.

By Toadsticker | Crypto Collector | 2 May 2022


I am new to the crypto scene after having made fun of it for years. 

How can something that only exists as magnetic information in the cloud, or on a hard drive(s) somewhere be worth anything...Right?

At the same time I had made fun of our own fiat currency being backed only by a wing and a prayer (or being too big to fail) faith in our government. It finally made me realize there isn't too much difference in the two types of faith.

Many will argue crypto is safer than fiat, and that may be true, but I am not in it for the technicalities... I have joined the hunt, so to speak for the fun and adventure. 

The name of the Blog has the word collector, not investor, not entrepreneur, not expert, but a collector who is focused on exploring the world of crypto without sinking a ton of fiat currency into it. As I alluded in the blog description I feel like a 19th Bristish explorer on Holiday in Africa.

Come along and join in my adventures!


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Crypto collector trying to navigate a new world order.

Crypto Collector
Crypto Collector

I am into crypto for the fun and experience of exploring something that has the potential to make people rich. To me the whole crypto market is like 19th century Africa was to the British...A jolly good place for exploration and adventure!

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