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By Colibri | Crypto Coins Lovers | 8 Oct 2020


                                                                       In the previous post I wrote about the Free Zen Ever Day project, now I'm going to write about the Sphere by Horizen wallet to collect the crypto Zen currency, which is used to associate with the registration of the project website and which serves to earn the various extra bonuses that are offered. I will write the general about this portfolio, about your community and other ways to earn this Zen crypto coin.

                                                             - Faucet

                                                             - GitHub, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that provides hosting for software development and version control using Git. It offers the distributed version control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git, plus its own features. It provides access control and several collaboration features such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management, continuous integration and wikis for every project. Headquartered in California, it has been a subsidiary of Microsoft since 2018.

                                                             - YouTube Channel    

                                                             - Social Network Facebook

                                                             - Social Network Twitter

                                                            - Official Page  The first decentralized and fully customizable sidechain protocol in the industry that solves the biggest problems in applying blockchain solutions to real-world use cases.

                                                            - Bitcoin Forum

                                                                   All the links described above are links to all the sources of information that I used for my post and for those who follow me, to be able to confirm the information I describe and of course to clarify any doubts that have or even improve your personal knowledge on the subject .


                                                                            Horizen’s History

In 2017, Horizen (formerly known as ZenCash) began as a chainsplit from Zclassic, providing a base of ZEN owners. Everyone who owned Zclassic at block 110,000 received ZEN by simply importing the Zclassic private keys into the new ZEN wallet after the launch, received the equivalent amount of ZEN. Horizen evolved from a privacy coin and into a sidechain-based system by building a technology platform with optional privacy features that aims to enable an application-rich and inclusive ecosystem to provide people with freedom and everyday usability. Once Horizen released their Sidechain Alpha, they shifted focus from being a privacy coin to a massively scalable general-purpose blockchain system. The shift allowed them to open more possibilities architecturally and better fit the direction of their project.       


                                                                  Zen Blockchain Foundation (ZBF) created in 2017 as a Delaware nonprofit corporation with the mission to facilitate focused protocol research and development, as well as the growth of the ecosystem.
Horizen’s ecosystem is a broad collection of stakeholders:

Horizen Community Council (HCC), a bridge between the community, the Foundation, and our corporate and academic partners.
Developer Environment (HDE) an open-source developer community organized into a curated and compensated.
Various corporate and academic partners, miners, node operators, and end-users.
Academy provides free education around the topics of bloThe name of the Faucet is Final AutoFaucet which has different currencies and different ways to withdraw it, such as cryptocurrency, faucet pay or direct to private walletckchain technology, online privacy and the Horizen project itself.

                                                                The project is very complete and offers several options to earn Zen Coin. All the links I describe are very complete and offer all the information necessary to develop and participate in this project. Because I believe that the more information given, the more credible it becomes and the more possible your success will be.

                                                                 What I can say about the wallet is that it has a simple interface, I use it on the Windows 10 operating system, transfers are fast, at least from Faucet Horizen. I am working with a Faucet that works with this currency and soon I will make the first deposit and I will say if it went well with the comments when I executed it.

                                                                 The name of the Faucet is Final AutoFaucet -  which has different currencies and different ways to withdraw it, such as ExpressCrypto -  or Faucet Pay  -  or direct to Private Wallet in BlockChain  .

                                                                 The photos are of the faucets, which they  serve as a wallet too, so far I have never had any problems, but I do not trust 100% due to having already lost funds for wallets of this type


                                                                 And like most faucets they pay cents and most of the ads are scamming, phishing, and many other scams used by scammers to steal. So be very careful where you invest and to be honest these faucets the ads are all from scammers who want to steal it.

                                                               With the Final AutoFaucet faucet you have simple ways to earn Zen coin and transfer to a wallet of your choice. I will make a post talking about this faucet, which is easy to earn various types of crypto coins.





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