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By Colibri | Crypto Coins Lovers | 3 Jan 2021

                                                   Earn money by playing games on your computer and mobile phone. The website has the name of Womplay and this and the registration link  Hey! I've been playing some awesome games and getting crypto from it. Come play and earn with me on Womplay — I'm sure you'll love it! f6e0261cda010c69f9798bf5f6f416f89cc74c001f88d4567f1493db402596ed.png


                                                    I thank you if you can register through my link, if you do I earn 25% of your earnings. There are quick games on the site, online tournaments and mobile games that are downloaded from the Windows store, where you earn Wombucks, for playing on the site, for downloading games and for playing daily reaching goals.



                                                   The photos that next to the Post are proof of my evolution in the games and the gains of the EOS virtual currency earned until the date of creation of this post. I earn Wombucks and convert them into EOS that I send to a wallet of my own currency and that can also be downloaded from the Windows store. The currency value is not constant and the last time I checked, it was 0.40 equivalent to 1 dollar.



                                                    Every week the game has a reward pool, in which we can join, to receive a part of the prize, in EOS. For that, we only need to have Wombucks won. All the Wombucks we won playing on the games on the site, entitle you to a prize that accumulates and is paid at the end of each week. In short, we won Wombucks that at the end of the week become EOS, the total prize pool for the reward pool and distributed to all players who joined the pool. The more you play, the bigger the jackpot.


                                                   So far it was one of the best projects I found and really paid for and we can always save the currency or exchange it for another on a virtual currency exchange platform. I hope you join this project through my link Hey! I've been playing some awesome games and getting crypto from it. Come play and earn with me on Womplay — I'm sure you'll love it!


                                                   the site does not provide personal information of the person who made the registration through my link, it only appears that a person is registered and nothing more, which I think is very good, as it protects the data of third parties, who may have more dubious intentions in the use of such information. registration is done through association with a Google, Facebook, Twitter or Apple account, which we must always pay attention to, what access we are giving to this platform on our accounts. I thank all those who take the time to read my posts from beginning to end and I also thank all the constructive criticisms they may make in the comments, to which I will respond with great pleasure and as soon as possible. I also take this opportunity to say that be careful when asking for money for investments, I will never do it and I do not authorize them to do it in my name. If you contact me by mail I will be happy to answer Mail - [email protected], I only accept written messages, do not send files or links. For safety's sake, I don't open them, but I will respond to all written emails as soon as possible, especially if they have grass samples to send me. Lol

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