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By Colibri | Crypto Coins Lovers | 4 Jan 2021





                                           Hello to all Crypto Coin Lovers, today I will talk about a mining game of Crypto Coins, BitCoin, DogeCoin and Etherum. In this project we can invest in virtual mining machines, which are bought with BitCoin or RLT. The virtual currency of the game called RLT has a minimum purchase of 10 RLT and can be purchased with 0.0002 bitcoins = 10 RLT - 759.0133 dogecoins = 10 RLT and 0.008109 etehrums = 10 RLT. If you can't invest or don't want to risk it, the game has the free side of it, which is to play the games on RollerCoin's mining platform.


                                        There are 10 games available that provide mining power, each time they are played and lasting 3 days, having the user to play at least once a day. When you play 10 games, you get an extra, then 30 another  and 70 another one. This extra is a supposed computer with better mining performance. The maximum I achieved was 800 th.s, playing twice a day and reaching the highest levels of the game. In this game I have invested 759 DogeCoin, which acquired 10 RLT and with that currency, I acquired a virtual mining machine and 0.00061057 in BitCoin from which I also acquired virtual mining machines. I made several deposits in the 3 coins to check if there were problems in making deposits or withdrawals and it always went well, because the platform lets you make withdrawals whenever we want and it takes one day.

                                       I have 42 Th.s of mining power for virtual machines, that is to say fixed mining without having to play. a minimum gain. You can mine the three coins at the same time, dividing the mining power you have, by the three coins, by two or concentrate everything in a single Crypto Coin. Dogecoin is the easiest currency to mine, then bitcoin and finally etherum is harder. I personally have the mining power divided by 50% for BitCoin and 50% for Dogecoin and 0% for Etherum. It is a tip that the values of cryptocoins increase but the value in the purchase of RLT always remains the same.


                                     With the mining power of my virtual machines and playing 10 games a day I get 49 Th.s of mining power. being 0.00000000.04 every 5 minutes, 0.00000000.44 per hour, 0.00000010.56 per day, 0.00000316.80 per month and 0.00038649.6 Bitcoin per year. This is because of my accounts, but to be honest I was never good at Math and the roller coin shows the information that in 8 months I already won 0.00092669.05 bitcoin which would make it possible to do at this rate, for 1 year the amount of 0.00139000 BitCoins.   

                                   These earnings are related to my personal account with 42 Th.s fixed mining, not counting the games that I play daily to increase the mining power without having to invest. If we have affiliates we can earn an extra extra depending on the performance of those referred on the platform. All the mining machines I purchased were on promotions made by RollerCoin, both at Easter and at Christmas that offer 25% discount at the store.
The game consists of two rooms in which we have the shelves that can also be bought in the store, so that we can plant the virtual mining machines. The first room is free, but the second is required to have a minimum balance of RLT 20 to be able to access.


                                                     The game interface is interesting and even with vintage features in its graphics. The information that is available is a lot, both in the game, on the Blog or on social networks. All the functions of the game are easily accessible and easy to understand even for those who have no practice in the matter. I will not get rich with this game but in my country we have a saying that says - grain by grain, the chicken fills the crop and with BitCoin rising, which today and little tomorrow may be much better. Everything I am writing is based on my example game.

                                                   Many times I asked on the internet if they could help me with a minimum deposit of BitCoin 3E2PjGUVSkingaAQwXWdrTthSAikStq14U - DogeCoin DAC2aGz9xqKknNB9DeFpeTL3hMAoXSQTvx - Etherum 0x8e124ef802f70c5b00157e1a53c5f5515090e379 but I was never lucky because in this world nobody gives anything to anyone unless it is to receive twice what happened. The world is like that and little or nothing can be done, what I can and try and do differently. I hope you have a general idea about the game and thank you again for reading my texts from beginning to end. Namaste. all my texts are published in Publisx0 and in the Torum Social Network. The language of this text is simple, made for humble people, who want to be part of this world that opens up. The game I described is not to get rich, but to get an idea of what mining is, to make deposits and withdrawals in Crypto Currency for a wallet and its monetary value. Once again, thank you for your attention.



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Crypto Coins Lovers
Crypto Coins Lovers

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