PancakeSwap "Slippage Hacked." 2 Ways to avoid Error and High slippage fees

By Kus Gan | Crypto-Chocolate-Box | 23 Apr 2021

I found a way to make a successful altcoin purchase on PancakeSwap with only 0.5% slippage & hence saving time & 11% coins that you lose by setting up slippage at 11%. Here is what you need to do.

First of all PancakeSwap was not hacked. 

This is a guide on how to avoid the slippage error and high slippage fees. 

For those that did not know Pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange based on Binance Smart Chain. Similar to Uniswap and SushiSwap the only difference is that it is based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and not on Ethereum. 

If you have been using PancakeSwap,  you are probably familiar with this error. This is the error we get when we set the slippage tolerance too low. Error Pancake

How to avoid this without raising the slippage tolerance too high? 


2 Ways to avoid error and high slippage fees.

Way #1. Do not increase the slippage, instead change the last digit of the token you want to purchase to 1.

Ex. if you want to buy  40000 Suter, you need to put 40001. See the picture below.  

You should be able to swap without any issue at 0.5 slippage.

add 1 

Way $2. You still do not need to increase the slippage tolerance. What you need to do is round the figure of your coins you want to buy with no decimals and add .000 

Ex. if you want to buy 40000Suter you need to put 40000.000. See the picture below.

You should be able to swap without any issue at 0.5 slippage. Save your 11% coins.

add .000


Unless you are trying to buy SAFEmoon like me, you do not need to set your slippage tolerance to 12%.

safemoon Slippage


Enjoy Swapping. 


Thank you for reading.


Appreciate your likes, comments, and tips as always.

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