Post CZ Binance is still popular

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 20 Jan 2024

     Binance's popularity has increased despite the heavy panelty it faced in the US and CZ's resignation. 


Bankrupt firms moving assets to Binance 

     Different firms which are going through bankruptcy liquidation, are shifting their assets to Binance because it is a prominent platform for self-asset management. For instance, Binance's reserves and asset liquidity are increased via asset transfers from Celsius, FTX, Alameda Research.


International Incident 

     CZ was successful in getting Binance recognised in a lot of nations through his diplomatic efforts. Despite facing penalties in the US for conducting business in nations where the US has imposed sanctions, Binance is nevertheless expanding internationally as different company from Binance US.


Strong Launchpool/ Launchpad 

     Binance is still an important crypto market, so many networks promote themselves by launching their projects through Binance. Even after CZ, Binance has launched several initiatives; In January 2024 alone, it has launched projects like XAI, MANTA, ALT. 

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