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Peter Schiff Enters the Field of Bitcoin and NFTs

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 28 May 2023

     Banker, gold trader, and known bitcoin detractor Peter Schiff has caused a stir by announcing his participation in a forthcoming art auction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created on the bitcoin blockchain.

The Golden Triumph NFT collection

     The NFT in question was produced from the artwork "Golden Triumph." A total of 50 collectibles were made in this limited edition, and each one has Schiff's signature in addition to the artist's. Each collectible also has its own distinctive sequential inscription that makes it unique. Its auction will be held in two phases, from June 2 to June 9.

Public Reaction on Schiff's announcement

     The majority of Peter Schiff's social media followers are bitcoin maximalists who are just waiting for him to publish something critical of bitcoin so they can pelt him. Peter Schiff hasn't spoken much about bitcoin in a while. However, when Shif's remark on bitcoin NFT surfaced this time, all Bitcoinists were taken aback. Even the few present bitcoin sceptics appeared to be ensnared by bitcoin propagandists.

The NFT on the Bitcoin Blockchain

     NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain are dismantling Ethereum's monopoly on one-of-a-kind digital collectibles. This is significant because Peter Schiff is involved, and even though he has discussed his relationship to gold, he does not completely rule out the impact of bitcoin.

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