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Nayib Bukele on BTC 2022

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 2 Jan 2022

The Bitcoin Monarch of El Salvador has predicted about BTC in 2022.


  • According to the first prophecy, the market value of bitcoin will reach $100k.
    That would be a huge increase, but then there is also the potential for a big drop.
  • The second prophecy says, bitcoin will become legal tender in 2 more countries.
    One country most likely could be Paraguay, as a law legalizing cryptocurrency there has been passed in the upper house of parliament, and is under consideration in the lower house; Can't say anything for sure about which could be the another country. There is speculation that Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Turkey, Panama, Honduras, Venezuela, Ukraine may also adopt bitcoin.
  • Third prophecy states that BTC will become a major election issue in the US this year.
    By the way, the wave that is going on in social media, it looks like this.
  • Other prophecies are on Bitcoin City, Volcano Bonds, and the 2022 Bitcoin Conference that Nayib Bukele is up to.

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