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Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade is Scheduled for April 12

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 9 Apr 2023

          On April 12, the Shanghai hard fork Shapella is going to be implemented to complete the Ethereum 2.0 process. The ETH community is really ecstatic about this.

ETH Staking Withdrawal Profit

    Immediately following this, Ethereum's staking system will also be live, helping to unstake the staked ETH. Following this, it is anticipated that the price increase of Ethereum will reach its new ATH because it aims to make people stake freely without fear of losing the staked token.

Gas and other issuies 

        Ethereum has other multiple issues, but mostly the biggest one is gas costs, which is ETH. Other issues are transaction speed, smart contract updates, etc. These issues might or might not get solved, but the Shanghai upgrade will provide layer 2 solutions to solve the issue.


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Vitalik is Quite 

        Ethereum co-founder and core developer Vitalik Buterin has been quiet since April 1st. Although Vitalik should be informing everyone about the major things related to Ethereum's Shanghai upgrade, it is always other people and their analysis that claim something based on their speculations. Whatever the case, Vitalik might say something on time.

Ethereum Price 


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