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Ethereum is gaining strength as it nears the Shanghai upgrade

By Yugocean | Crypto Champion | 27 Feb 2023

The Shanghai upgrade is sure to happen in March; this upgrade is a solution to all the problems with PoS, gas fees, etc. that haven't been addressed by ETH 2.0's merge. As the time for the Shanghai upgrade draws near, the influence of Ethereum is increasing.

Movement of Cypto Dons

ETH is becoming a means of making money among the giants of the crypto sector, who on other hand create money making opportunities for others. Heavy investments are being made in Ethereum staking, for example TRON Blockchain founder Justin Sun's $240 million investment for Lido staking.

Impact on Staking Protocols

Various staking protocols are attempting to entice ETH hodlers for liquid staking by offering minted tokens under DeFi, so there is now creation of healthy competition among protocols that could increase security and profits for investors.

Pressure on Hodlers and Time of Traders 

There is uncertainty for ETH hodlers, as staked tokens can be unstaked only after the Shanghai upgrade. Those who have not done any staking are facing pressure to stake or sell their tokens. It also includes day trading, which is part of the crypto market.

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