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By Brooklyn | Crypto Bytes | 20 Feb 2021

In the early days of Bitcoin, It was said you should buy 21BTC to join the "1 million club" as due to the hard cap on Bitcoin supply, only 1 million people would be able to claim this title. Nano is in a similar position, There is a relatively small total supply cap of around 133 million Nano that will ever circulate. So if you want to join the Nano "1 million" club you need to start acquiring some Nano.

First things first, what actually is Nano?

Nano is a cryptocurrency who's purpose is to have transactions that are instant, feeless, and use the minimal amount of energy possible. And it hits those 3 fronts perfectly. The Nano website already does a great job explaining what Nano is, what I want to explain is how to get some, in order to join that exclusive "1 million club".

The boring way

The easiest way to get your hands on some Nano is to just buy some right? Well yea, currently the only major exchange that works for me in the UK is Binance and I have already used that to acquire a small amount. That's great and all but what's better than buying Nano? Getting Nano for free!

This brings us to NANO faucets which are a nice simple way to get some free Nano, just put your wallet address in press go. A couple of the faucets I like to hit once a day are nano-faucet and freenanofaucet. These give out a minimal amount of Nano, for free. But it can be boring to just hit the money button everyday, How do we make it more fun?

The fun way

As a gamer, part of what drew me to Nano was the amount of games there are to play, that reward you just for playing, in free Nano. There are loads and earn-nano has some great links to a wide variety of games you can play. But in my opinion, I have 3 favourites.


The first game I discovered that lets you earn Nano. Simply hop onto the server with the details found here, and start shooting. This one is a bit hit or miss for me, as most of the time the server is empty, which leaves you fighting against bots which can be good for farming Nano but tends to get a bit stale after a while. The pay-out also requires you to win, which if there are some good players on the server definitely isn't easy, but still, CSGO is a classic and it is nice to be able to earn something for playing.


Another first-person shooter, perfect! This is a web based version of Quake found here. This server is great, I recently found it this month and every time I have been on it, it's been full of players. If you haven't played Quake before, Neither had I, and let me say it is a really chaotic shooter! And the best bit, you're paid per kill, so if you're good you can really start to rack up the Nano.

Lucky Nano

Time to change gear from the shooters, and play some cards. Lucky Nano is everything you'd want from an online crypto casino. It's got a lovely UI, instant withdrawals with no minimum, and the pay-outs can be juicy. But wait, isn't gambling away our earned Nano the opposite of what we want. Well you don't have to bet any of the Nano you've earned so far, there is a faucet on the site that will give you tickets to go wild on blackjack, dice, slots and roulette. On top of that there is a free poker tournament every 2 hours where, if you can keep your poker face, can reward very nicely. And some lucky people win a Nano lottery everyday. All-in-all, if you like cards, this site is perfect.

How much can you actually earn from these freebies?

Let's talk numbers.

The Nano faucets are dependant on how much is in them and you can only visit once every day. They don't pay loads but they are a good starting point. nano-faucet nets me about anywhere from 0.0001 to 0.001 Nano, and freenanofaucet always nets me 0.000123.

CSGO pays a minimum of 0.001 a game but you can get lucky and win up to 0.005. This implies you win, as you'll get nothing for losing.

Quake pays 0.0001 per kill, so I normally see myself ranging 0.001 a game on average but I'm sure you can do better!

Lucky Nano has a few ways to pay-out. The daily lottery pays out 0.001 to 4 lucky people (currently about a 8% chance if you max out your tickets). The Poker tournament can win you 0.001 also, with the pool going up by 0.001 every time a new challenger joins the table. And the faucet gives 1 ticket every minute and a half, with each ticket worth 0.000001.


The free methods may not get you to the exclusive 1 million club any time soon. But they definitely help you get some skin in the game, and if the price of Nano keeps rising like it has done this bull market, could give you a very nice holding for the future.

If you've got any tips for earning Nano I'd love to hear them in the comments!

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