Results of Using Pionex Grid Trading Bot (Week 1)

By amberbyers | Crypto Byers | 13 Apr 2022

I decided to finally take a stab at using a trading bot as I have heard wonderful things about them. I was also told that Pionex had the best ones on the market, so I obviously had to try it.=

I started small. Only about $45 invested in the Grid Trading bot for mBTC/USDT with only 6 grids, considering the small amount invested. And then I hit Create.

Well, it's been a week.

Maybe I was expecting magic but I'm a bit nervous about investing more into this. Why? Well, so far I'm down 5%.


Okay, that's not so bad. It's only been a week! Stop panicking Amber.

I guess that I expected to see more green and upward lines because the Grid Trading bot is supposed to be relatively low risk, but the market is crazy right now, so perhaps I should have expected some poor performance in this ill-timed adventure.

Either way, I'm not pulling out but I'm also not adding more in. I will simply wait another week and see where it stands. And I'll update all of you, of course!

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