5 hacks on how to get free Crypto

By Keyboardwarrior | Crypto Bulletin | 15 Apr 2021

Okay, this is going to be one of those articles. But I'm not going to sugarcoat anything. If you're on this website you already know there are easier ways to aquire crypto but somehow enjoy the grind of aquiring things for free. Or perhaps you live in a country where the Tax agents will hunt you down if you buy and sell any crypto at all and want to keep things under wraps.

So without further ado, here are 5 hacks on how to get FREE crypto:


1. Free Doge (Affilliate link) - This site is one out of many from the same creator that pay you free crypto when you enter a lottery every hour. While there are sites for a number of cryptos (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tron, Neo, Ripple, etc) Doge is simply the one that has the lowest payout level. By seeing commercials and entering a daily code from their twitter you can increase the number of times you may spin the lottery wheel beyond every hour that lets you win at the minimum small amounts every time.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, thats because it is.
The lottery boasts that its "provably fair" which might be the case, only thing is that the payout for 9885 out of 10000 lottery tickets is $0.001 - which at first glance seems very generous until you consider the fact that the minimum payout for the lowest required coin (Dogecoin, as mentioned earlier) is 100 Dogecoins, which is about $13.773 and rising at the time speaking, which means you could have to roll the lottery at 13773 times before would be able to withdraw your first payment. 

Look closer and find out you got taken for a ride

The idea here is that you're not supposed to withdraw simply by playing the lottery, but also by filling in... you guessed it - surveys. While some of the surveys are not half bad, if you have any experience of doing these kinds of surveys before you know that half of them are going to throw you out before you can finish them because you weren't the correct demographics or whatever, or maybe due to technical problems. If you can handle that, this site may be for you. Like so many other sites, it rewards affilliates as well.


2. Faucets - If you are aware of more of these that are reliable, please share your knowledge in the comments below. Some crypto enthusiasts pool together coins and hand them out to decentralize their currency. The site that hands them out is called a faucet and usually also recieves ad revenue from the site. The only one I've been using so far is called Doge Faucet. It has a minimum Payout of 5 dogecoins but a 3 hour cooling of time.


3. Mining - Why did I mention it here? You dont even have a mining setup and mining is unprofitable unless you invest in some gear. Doesnt have to be. Mining feels very rewarding and there are coins you can mine that arent that difficult to get ahold of yet. See my article on more about that topic 


4. Brave browser - This one is seriously underrated. Brave is a browser that works faster than Google Chrome and that awards you Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) depending on how many commercials you allow it to show you per hour. This is basically crypto for nothing. You can also choose to donate your BAT to various favorite creators (or better yet, accept donations if you are  a content creator yourself). The value from the BAT comes from the fact that Brave shares 70% of its ad revenue with its consumers, and they have been saying they will be accepting more ways to accept donations in the future as well. I also find this as a nice way for people from poorer countries that have less means of donating money to their favorite content creators to contribute tokens they wouldn't have otherwise anyways. In that way, Brave will contribute more to making the desires of people from the global south important to content creators and not simply directed towards westerners by default.

Brave Browser Gets Partnership with Dow Jones - Influencive

5. Earn to learn with coinbase - Watch a few videos to learn about various cryptos and register at coinbase and you will recieve free crypto. The verification takes quite a while but the rewards are very real! Myself I've recieved crypto from Stellar lumens, The Graph, Celo, NuCypher and Compound. Before you recieve the crypto they make you sign a waver that you promise not to use it for speculation, so Im not completely sure what that means. Also, with the affiliate link provided, you will recieve some additional free bitcoin if you buy or sell crypto for a certain amount, although that is not required for the free crypto listed.


Other legitimate ways to earn free crypto that i DONT use:

Presearch - Search engine that allows you to get a limited number of tokens every day until you manage to pay out. Somebody calculated the earliest time this would happen was after about 8 months of searching every day. Although this search engine is a legitimate actor and should probably recieve props for trying to take on the big G, I still dont think its a better search engine than google, so I probably wont be using it. Feel free to tell me I'm wrong in the comments below :)


Sweatcoin - Ok, this app just sounded so weird I had to try it out. Its an app that rewards you their own tokens for walking outdoors everyday. As you might have guessed, it doesnt pay very well and is a huge drain to your battery. I uninstalled it and forgot about it.


Airdrops - New coins often want to share free crypto through airdrops, but the ones I've found made aquiring coins too much of a hassle to bother as I dont trust just any new site with a picture of my passport or want to market a completely new crypto I have no idea about on my social media channels. If you have other opinions regarding this, feel free to share your experiences in the comments.


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