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Cryptocurrency is a booming market – with a tonne of newbies being introduced to it every day. Automatic faucets (or Auto Faucets) offer ways to earn small amounts of said crypto for completing tasks or for simply logging onto their website. As there are so many Auto Faucets out there, it can be hard to determine which ones are worth your time. This review aims to narrow it down for you.

Main Features

Today's review will focus on Fire Faucet - “The Best Auto Faucet” (their words). You can earn up to nine cryptocurrencies from completing multiple tasks on their website. These include surveys, offerwalls and watching videos, among other activities. All pretty standard stuff, but what sets Fire Faucet apart from others?

The Levelling and Reward system is a main feature of the website and one that definitely is appreciated. For every task you complete on the website, you earn Activity Points. Earn enough of these and you can Level Up. Each level will earn you a 0.01x multiplier on all of your claims and a small amount of Bitcoin Satoshis. Completing the offerwalls will level you up quickly – this sytem provides a nice little boost towards your total money earned.

Talking about offerwalls, none of them are locked off from you to begin with, meaning from Level 1 you can access all of the juicy offers on the website! This is in contrast to Final AutoFaucet, where you would have to be Level 80 for the best offers!

Although you can't use an ad-blocker or proxy on the website, Fire Faucet shows no pop-up ads. It will still show banner ads but the subtraction of pop-up ads is a big plus for usability. They also have an active chat that you can engage in for tips and tricks for the website.

Their referral system is also pretty top-notch. You can earn 20% of all coins withdrawn from your referrals for life – you will continue to earn extra if they continue to earn on the website.

The website also boasts a simplistic, modern interface (unlike others!) making it easy to navigate and check your Wallet Balance. Everything else on the website – such as claiming on the faucet every 30 minutes and viewing shortlinks – are found on most other faucet websites so won't be covered in this review.

Earning Rate

Now you've heard about most of the main features, time to get to the nitty-gritty! What is the earning rate? Per 100 ACP (Auto Claim Points) you get the following:


As you can see, you get more Satoshi for the cheaper cryptocurrencies. You will also get slight bonuses from levelling up and completing Tasks on the site. Overall, I think the earning rates are pretty good considering you can earn for the 9 coins at the same time. You can also withdraw to your own wallet or a FaucetPay wallet.


This all sounds pretty good so far right? Let's break it down into pros and cons:


  • Earn in 9 different cryptocurrencies

  • No annoying pop-up ads

  • Multitude of ways to earn

  • Clean, modern feel to website

  • All Offerwalls available from the start

  • Active chat


  • Takes a while to hit minimum balance to pay out (10USD for Bitcoin for example)

  • Have to disable adblocker/VPN to use site

  • Offerwalls sometimes (but very rarely) don't pay out


To sum it up, Fire Faucet is one of the best Auto Faucets around. You won't earn huge amounts of cryptocurrencies, but the small amounts you do earn are fun to get and will make you want to stick around on the site.

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