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Final Auto Faucet DutchyCorp Review – A Real Treasure Trove?



Cryptocurrency is a booming market – with a tonne of newbies being introduced to it every day. Automatic faucets (or Auto Faucets) offer ways to earn small amounts of said crypto for completing tasks or for simply logging onto their website. As there are so many Auto Faucets out there, it can be hard to determine which ones are worth your time. This review aims to narrow it down for you.

Main Features

Today's review will focus on Final Auto Faucet DutchyCorp – probably the biggest faucet on the web! You can earn up to FIFTY ONE different cryptocurrencies (list below!) at once through a variety of surveys, offerwalls and other activities. With so many different types of coins to get, is this site worth it? Let's analyse, but quickly scan what coins are on offer:

look at all those coins

Final Faucet has been around for a number of years and during that time they have established themselves as one of the premier sites to get those cryptos! The amount of coins to earn has grown to fifty one, but you will have to earn DUTCHY to collect them. DUTCHY is the currency used on the site, where currently 121.89 of them equals 1 Satoshi. How do you earn this currency though? Below is the full list of how:

  • Shortlinks

  • OfferWalls

  • DUTCHY Roll

  • PTC Wall

  • Surf Ads

  • Interests

  • Social Jobs

  • CPU Miner

  • GUI Miner

  • Contests

  • SPACE Bonuses

  • Level Bonuses

  • Loyalty Bonuses

  • Gift Codes

I will be covering ALL of these, so skip down to Pros/Cons if you just want a quick judgement.

  • Shortlinks: One of the easiest ways to earn DUTCHY, just click on a few links and that's it! This can take anywhere from 15-60 seconds per link and will net you 25-115 DUTCHY (and 100 EXP). Users can also rate if the link is worth it – avoid low-rated ones.
  • OfferWalls: There are currently 31 different OfferWalls to choose from where you can complete sign-up offers, watch videos, complete surveys and more! DUTCHY earned from these can range from 100-1,000,000 per Offer so these are the big earners. Some will be locked off from you until you're a higher level.
  • DUTCHY Roll: The EASIEST way to earn DUTCHY. Complete a CAPTCHA to roll and potentiall win 100-20,100 DUTCHY. You will more often than not win 100 of those bad boys per roll though.
  • PTC Wall: Click on ads for between 48-90 DUTCHY. Another quick earner, this will also net you 50 EXP per ad clicked.
  • Surf Ads: Somehow even easier that clicking on an ad link, just look at ads for a few seconds for a small amount of DUTCHY. There won't be many of these a day but all of these can be finished in under 5 minutes.
  • Interests: This option can only be utilised when you have 100,000 DUTCHY or more. Stake it on the site to earn between 10-20% annually. Remember you can't convert your DUTCHY to crypto when it's being staked but un-staking is an easy process. There is currently over nine BILLION staked on the site so this is definitely a worthwhile option.
  • Social Jobs: Posting about Final Faucet on other websites gives a hefty chunk of DUTCHY. Only post honest reviews (like this one) and link back to their site for a reward!
  • CPU Miner: Mine DUTCHY with your CPU. If you have a good enough CPU it might be worthwhile but there are better ways to earn on the site.
  • GUI Miner: Alternatively, mine DUTCHY with your Graphic Card! Again, if you have the computer for it then it's a maybe but at least it would be a passive way of earning.
  • Contests: Win big for earning the most EXP or by referring the most people. Not something to focus on but if you happen to be a dream at either then it's a nice bonus!
  • SPACE Bonuses: Hold the SPACE token for bonuses to faucet claims and staking. These bonuses have recently been upped, so holding 100,000 SPACE tokens can net you 300% faucet claims and 60% further staking rewards.
  • Level Bonuses: Final Faucet actually have a decent levelling system, where you can earn 0.1%+ on Reward Bonuses for each level you reach. You can level up quite quickly and the bonus is applied for life!
  • Loyalty Bonuses: These only apply to Roll Games but for every consecutive day you claim on either you get a 0.5% increase to your Rewards. Roll Games in amongst themselves won't give you many 'Rewards' but they are easy to do.
  • Gift Codes: The team behind the site will share codes on their socials for free DUTCHY, can be worth it to follow them on these.

Earning Rate:

This will really depend on your level bonus, offers you do and amount of coins you choose to claim. Let's say you have access to all fifty one coins and are level 86 – conferring a level bonus of 8.6% (like me!). A 5x earning rate means you earn 5x quicker, and I'll also be showing what you get for that. You should also pick 'Balance Mode' for a 10% bonus to your claims. This is what you can get for one claim:





As usual, you will get more of a cryptocurrency if its general price costs less – so one claim will only earn you 14.3 Bitcoin Satoshis! The earning rates are great and you can easily withdraw to your Faucet Pay, Coinbase or Express Crypto account. The ease of withdrawing is a huge plus.


That was certainly a lot of ways to earn on this faucet website! Let's break it down into pros and cons:


  • Earn a record 51 different cryptocurrencies

  • So many different ways to earn

  • RainBot will give you small amount of crypto for just being active on the site

  • Smooth withdrawal process


  • Clunky-looking website which can be initially hard to navigate

  • You can only withdraw one crypto a day to Coinbase

  • Need to disable adblocker and VPN to use site


This faucet is certainly my favourite and it has been around for a while for a reason! Earning is easy and you can easily make this site a part of your daily routine to boost your cryptocurrency earning! Check it out below for yourself:

Final Auto Faucet DutchyCorp referral link:

Non-referral link:

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