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PirateCash(PIRATE): Reaching New Seas of your Consciousness

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 24 May 2022



Greetings Friends;

This article is about PirateCash(PIRATE) an ecosystem with its own blockchain that symbolizes the power, benefit and reward. In its theme we find several symbols of piracy where it brings with it the energy of the search for something and of an objective. In other words, we can assimilate it with the great period of navigations and maritime expeditions where pioneers and pirates would go in search of land and treasures. By bringing this energy to reality we can associate it with decentralization, but what do you mean? The fact of looking for something or reward denotes decentralized resources where anyone can explore and acquire benefits. Currently we need something new that makes us think beyond the conventional and when analyzing the crypto world we find wonderful projects but with a specific segmentation. Therefore, the purpose of PirateCash is to overcome this barrier by providing essential resources such as Masternode and others for your convenience through creative symbology.

Thinking of something creative is not simple because it requires effort and time, but the developers brought to the project the feeling of exploring a map through their services. Below I will write about the project and what are its benefits.


What is PirateCash(PIRATE)?



In continuation of the same line of reasoning of the introduction PirateCash is a blockchain with resources and services, that is, it has a POS (Proof of Stake), which will help the project in the face of the great discussions about energy consumption. Decentralization is the primary basis of the project and with that we find Pirate Bot a decentralized resource where we can make faucet, configure masternode, buy and access other resources:



Its services and features are based on:


A feature of a completely new and revolutionary mining launched in 2020. The great benefit of this feature is that there is no need to download and install a specific application, just configure and connect through Pirate Bot


They are highly secure desktop wallets that run on Windows, macOS and Linux operating system.


A place to order pirate souvenirs to give as gifts to your family and friends. Can be used for sweepstakes and giveaways in general.


An advanced feature with high tech ie it's a hardware eco miner that doesn't require a lot of mining power.


You can now mine without any equipment through the help of Cloud Staking, where you can mine Pirate, paying only a fee of 0.5% of the withdrawal amount.


A resource that proves that developers are committed to delivering a fast and secure ecosystem. DEX matches the needs with its speed, security and ease of use.


New technologies with Pirate Place

A new style for Ranking


Unlike Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and Coinpaprika that deliver a well-known ranking "PirateRank" deliver something with the theme of piracy with a map in the background and with gold and silver coins that increase and decrease according to the volume, reception or ascension of the market.







Recently released Enigma App/Resource where you can send notes that self-destruct after being read.




PirateCash Specifications:


Name: PirateCash

Symbol: PIRATE

Algo: Scrypt Pow/Pos

Total Suply:105 Millions



Master Node


Wallet PirateCash





StakeCube Exchange

Piratecash Bot




Writing a technical article doesn't provide any benefits in terms of motivation. So my goal with this article is to present PirateCash(PIRATE) with its features and benefits. To learn more, access the links below the article and make the community to ask your questions and also interact with new ideas.




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