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Storing and Distributing

OctaSpace(OCTA): Storing and Distributing in a Practical and Safe Way.

By Eddyc | Crypto Bits | 8 Feb 2023



Greetings Friends;


In this article I will write about OctaSpace a project focused on the solution of distribution and storage of data, use of VPN, allocation of computing power and much more where its use will bring benefits to the development and technological advances where everything is connected on its platform. The goal of the project can be analyzed through the need in which the conventional world finds itself in the use of data, distribution or even a central allocation (host) of computing power generating the possibility of using and increasing the power for mining, expansion of servers among others. Thus, by observing the size and potential of these segments, it's possible to find new paths for new technological advances as distributed continuous use where the large manufacturers of these hardware can give emphasis and improvement in certain equipment. How so? The market for storage and use of data despite growing is very small compared to other technological segments and from the moment there are possibilities to allocate computing power in a simple and decentralized way there is great possibility to increase the consumption of such equipment to the benefit of all.

Being a public cloud, what are the benefits? what are the possibilities?

It is with these questions and reflections that below I will describe the project in an abstract way for the use and application in everyday life. My idea in this article is to show a different reflection and therefore I will not exemplify with technical issues and if you seek technical issues I recommend that you access the links at the end of the article to learn more.


What is OctaSpace?

Assimilating with the introduction OctaSpace is an ecosystem that provides a public cloud platform where its main idea is to implement services built on top of the hardware or the use and improvement that these devices can provide. That is why I commented above on the potential of this segment. Its concept is to overcome the difficulties and limitations of the new, help the intermediaries and leverage the ambitions of the advanced and so it was designed to be easy to use, to be intuitive and with the purpose of aggregating more people to use exponential dissemination, making the OctaSpace project a service infrastructure, cloud node, secure, scalable and fully decentralized.

The practicality of the project is based on the projection it can deliver and by using the platform you can harness the power of resources through CPU and GPU from us and if you have a powerful hardware structure you can become a host and earn by renting your CPU/GPU, traffic and everything possible in this segment. This market sector can be very lucrative and economical when it comes to mining and related issues. So, in a more general and summarized way, one can say that the OctaSpace cloud computing project can provide you with faster innovations, flexible resources and economies of scale for those who rent and hire these services.

Note* One very important detail is that you can protect your data by using the VPN on the platform. One of the main advantages of using a VPN is to prevent your ISP from tracking what you do online, so that they cannot share or sell your data. So the services of the OctaSpace(OCTA) platform can help you where your VPN will block other types of web tracking and help avoid data limitations that slow down your internet.


Above you are seeing the interface of the platform where it provides:

- Marketplace for leasing computing power with a focus on GPU instances.
- High-tech VPN marketplace
- Infrastructure for applications and databases mainly close to the end users.
- Distributed data storage and use it as a backbone for CDN service.


Alternatives and solutions...

Besides the computational use for mining there is the possibility to use the platform for:

- CGI rendering
- Scientific modeling
- Digital image processing
- Video rendering

Anything that involves computational power the platform can help in the allocation and continued use of this additional power. The project is engaged in solving problems and tasks that require massive computing power to be solved. Thinking in another way it could be an excellent marketing market where image and video minupalation requires massive computational power and renting a specific amount would not be something but beneficial.

The field of knowledge can also benefit from the use of the VPN platform to maintain privacy on national and international providers. There is also the possibility to allocate computing power to the segment of research and powerful calculations that require a lot of computing power. So not all countries have enough resources to supply their universities and schools with large computing structures and renting would not be a bad idea.


OctaSpace Specifications:


Name: OctaSpace

Algo: Ethash(ASIC)

Total Coin Supply: ∞

Network URL
chain id
currency symbol
Block Explorer URL

















I have studied the project and also studied its platform and I can guarantee that its interface is wonderful and intuitive. In my opinion after reading a lot about it I realized that this project can be a game changer for third world countries and all poor countries because it will be able to help people to expand their needs by paying a minimal price proportional to their needs. So OctaSpace with its structure to provide computing power, distributed data storage, VPN and everything related can help people to prosper.

Overall the project is for everyone and don't forget to join the community to follow the rise of this interesting project.


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