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You gotta Flight for your right, to party on Halo Infinite

Hello Publish0x, welcome to another inside edition of the happenings of the beta pre release for Halo: Infinite yesterday there were two sessions of Big team PVP action yesterday and honestly I think they brought the mode back in fantastic  fashion, we watched as the 343 developers stepped into game lobbies with the community and tested their product firsthand. It was fun to see the higher ups getting in sweaty firefights and commenting on the game in a way that’s all too familiar for those of us who frequent FPS games.

this was the livestream of the community play date yesterday, great times were  had and some quite entertaining gameplay from the community and the Devs was on full display 


My initial thoughts from the past few flights has been pretty positive, the big team battle is one of my favorite game modes in Halo and it did not disappoint. The grappleshot and repulsor effecting and equaling out vehicles that keep the landscape shifting and makes the player adaptation in turn. The map we got to test out yesterday was Fragmentation, it’s “Valhalla” vibes can’t be mistaken and the power weapons abound if you can find them amidst all the chaos. 
the grapple shot is a guaranteed “grapple jack” if you can lock on to a vehicle, ghosts and warthogs are great but launching yourself into one and haphazardly tossing the driver out is just an extreme level of satisfaction, makes you feel like the Batman or Spider-Man too 🦇👏🏽

the repulsor pushes vehicles and players and launches projectiles back from whence they came, it’s a fun piece of equipment that really has some wild effects in the game, tons of fun and a community favorite for wacky hijinx to be sure 


the threat sensor was very useful in BtB and allows for small areas to be viewed in infrared scan mode so you can see enemies behind walls if the sensor is in reach 

the bases are loaded with power weapons and for extra goodies the loot caves on the map can be hacked by your Spartans personal AI and the cave yields its own set of special weapons to use on the battlefield. 

streamers had a field day with all the toys on the map and here’s a small list of some of the good folks dropping quality gameplay on platforms like twitch and YouTube 




there are many more these dudes always put on a show though.


You can also Follow me at @RealDannyWayne

heres a few links for some more detailed information and even an upcoming tournament with a 250k prize pool! Not even two weeks after the release of the game! I’m trying to get two more for a team if anyone is interested 

Danny Wayne on YouTube for some of my clips and gameplay from the flight, more to be uploaded soon, let me know what you think!

Comments, subs, likes, follows it’s all very appreciated and I can’t wait for you to join us in Halo Infinite, this weekend there are still codes available on steam for getting accepted to the flight, drop a comment if you need assistance and I can see if I can help to get people into the flight 



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Danny Wayne

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