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Master Chief I don’t own the art

Halo is Back

Welcome back to a first look into our experience with the newest Halo : Infinite pre beta test flight.

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Halo Is back 

6352d6f6a6b0fa53c9024378b7deb213eb8ef4adf9a62edc46b37a4c06ebd902.jpgI am excited to show the early build on a multiplayer setting for the Flight, the adversaries were Spartan bots with AI settings that got increasingly harder when 343 changed game modes. There was a brief period of PVP that I didn’t get into in time so that was the only real downfall of the weekend. Other than that there were about 3.5 days of Halo 3 and halo 5 hybrid experience with new awesome aspects mixed in along with. New weapons like the Ravager and Heatwave, mixed with new versions of old favorites and for anyone wondering 



the gameplay felt like a wonderful balance between 3 and 5 

the ability to sprint and slide remains and equipment is back but power thrust and Spartan charge are not moving parts like they were in 5 

These were extremely “controversial “ aspects in the Halo community and can be seen as olive branch from 343 to the fans and players

i liked most of the Spartan abilities in 5( I feel the judgement upon me already) , charge and ground pound excluded I couldn’t stand the Spartan charge being peoples primary method of attack but I will miss the thruster and the floating capabilities of zooming in 

Halo: Infinite is very interactive, the equipment has an activation button and the weapons are fun but also the environment is affected by the chaos on the battle field. The grapple hook can grab weapons, other players and maybe power ups??? ( idk about that last one but people are determined to find out ) the grapple hook is brand new to the franchise and was a ton of fun the clips I’ve started uploading on YouTube are a few fun experiments that ended in a few bloopers. These clips aren’t all perfect “pro moments” and I’m not the best Halo player ever by any means, (I’m actually not that good at all I just really love the game) 

but I hope you can have a laugh get to see some beta gameplay and let me know what you thought of it, this snippet has been a

Halo Happenings Transmission 

and the links to some clips and shorts that I uploaded today, feel free to ask questions about the experience and the game and comment below. Follows,thumbs up and all feedback is always appreciated. Halo is looking for more volunteers to the flights, sign up on Halo Waypoint and follow them on Twitter for updates


without further ado: a little bit of…. Halo: Infinite grappleshot on recharge short Halo infinite pre beta flight
follow to my YouTube for some underground Alt Rap and more Infinite clips 


much love from your friendly neighborhood Crypto Batz 


till next time 



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